Trends That Make Casinos More Attractive

The online gambling industry is packed full of online casinos that are in a constant battle for the ever-rising number of punters. According to Statista, by 2024, the global online gambling market should be worth no less than $94 billion. This projection may not be far from accurate due to the increasing availability of online casinos and mobile casino apps across the UK, US, China, Italy, and SAR countries. 

As the customer base for the online casino industry begins to increase, so also does the need for exciting content and new innovations. Here, we explore the trends that make casinos more attractive.

#1 Live Dealer Games

If you are a very busy person or you are simply not a fan of going to land-based casinos, you can still enjoy a similar gambling experience via real-time feeds and live dealers on your mobile apps. There have been reports on how live dealers have an enviable appeal in several Asian countries such as China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Of course, if you follow news on online gambling trends, you’ll probably know that the UK and US are usually at the forefront, but the fact that newer gaming regions are already enjoying this technology is a testament to the increasing demand for live dealers in virtual casinos.

#2 No Deposit Bonuses

Free credit bonus is one gaming technology that has taken the entire gaming experience to a whole new level of excitement. While there are more expensive software and headsets that are reserved for high-tech equipment and laptops, there are still few non Gamstop casinos with no deposit free spins prepared especially for Gamstop customers. 

Today, no deposit welcome bonus has become an option in many online casinos. Punters can now transport themselves to virtual worlds where they can play exciting slot machines and card games with no money required.

#3 Gamification

A more straightforward definition for gamification would be the use of video gaming elements in platforms unrelated to video gaming as a means to promote vital aspects of those particular platforms. This has become more common in the online casino industry; there is a fast rise in the number of operators who introduce distinctive video game elements, Gamban blocker, characteristics and in-lobby features.

Over the last decade, from around 2012 till present, both the online video gaming and casino industries have been benefiting from the same kind of cutting-edge digital technologies.

With exciting elements often associated with video games, like task completions, hidden items, leaderboards, missions or quest, level up, and gems, it adds a new feeling and stimulating component to an otherwise basic online casino experience. Nothing will keep punters more interested in their favourite casino games than knowing there is a task to be completed, or there is an enemy to defeat at a specific level. The thrills that come with such additions is a plus for many gamblers.

#4 Interactive Games (Arcades)

Arcade games are a very popular coin machine game. These games used to be very popular in different establishments and may still be found in a few locals. Most of the machines you can find in this category are pinball machines or video games like GTA. Players would have to enter coins in order to play rounds and then play as smart as possible to go far in the game, without getting to the GameOver screen.

Usually, arcade games at an online casino hardly ever share the same rules. The options available are numerous, and the gameplay can be quite different. For instance, there is an option known as bonus bowling, and it allows punters to stake an amount on the number of pins hit in an online bowling game. Here, punters get to make a selection from the betting screen to the right, and there are two throws in each game round. Payouts in this game are granted depending on the total number of pins hit generated from both throws.

How does it Work?

The category can also feature a number of familiar titles such as Heads or Tails and Keno. There are also some games that are similar to old arcade machines, and one of such titles is Max Damage and the Alien Attack.

This game is different from the slots version with a similar title, and it has a space theme that requires the player to control a ship and shoot down the alien invasion. Punters who enjoy playing such casino games will have more options today than ever before as they are becoming quite common all over the world. 

Casinos with arcade games will most likely get more customers than those with basic casino games as there is more for punters to enjoy. While many arcade lovers may be used to the old version where physical coins are used, the new versions of arcade games are equally simple to understand, and they come with RTPs that are both reasonable and attractive.

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