TrendSpider Coupon Code

TrendSpider is a powerful stock analysis platform that provides traders with an arsenal of tools to analyze the markets. If you’re serious about your trading, TrendSpider should be in your toolkit.

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TrendSpider offers real-time data for stocks, ETFs, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies, so you never miss an opportunity. You also get custom alerts via email, text, or within the platform to act fast on price movements or technical signals.

With the TrendSpider coupon code, you can access all these amazing features at a discount. Their platform is intuitive and fast and provides all the tools to analyze the markets and find trading opportunities. Give TrendSpider a try and become a better trader. On that note, here is a detailed TrendSpider review.

What is TrendSpider?

TrendSpider is an innovative stock analysis software platform designed to help you spot trends faster. It provides traditional technical indicators and proprietary tools to assess chart patterns across various timeframes.

TrendSpider’s powerful scanner continuously evaluates thousands of stocks to detect emerging chart patterns and trend reversals using your choice of indicators. You can save your scans to run them again easily and set up custom alerts to notify you when stocks meet your criteria.

View charts in multiple timeframes and add indicators, drawings, and annotations with just a few clicks. TrendSpider’s interactive charts allow you to visualize trends, spot reversals, and make better trading decisions. 

Whether you’re a day trader, swing trader, or long-term investor using other platforms like Trade Ideas, Jigsaw, or TopStep, TrendSpider has the tools and features to suit your needs. It works for active traders, early adopters, advanced traders, and technical analysts. TrendSpider’s innovative charts and analysis features give you a powerful weapon to add to your trading arsenal.

How TrendSpider Works

TrendSpider makes technical analysis easy. Once you create your free account, you can access various tools to analyze stocks, ETFs, futures, forex, and crypto. Its automated charting engine does the bulk of the work for you. 

It scans massive amounts of historical data to identify key support and resistance levels, trendlines, and chart patterns. These levels are plotted right on your chart so you can see the critical price points at a glance.

TrendSpider offers many of the standard technical indicators you’d expect, like moving averages, Bollinger bands, RSI, MACD, etc. But they take it further by allowing you to customize each indicator. You can adjust parameters like the lookback period or add additional lines. This flexibility lets you tailor the indicators to your trading style.

TrendSpider’s alerting system is very robust. You can set alerts for when the price crosses a key level, when an indicator gives a buy or sell signal, or when a candlestick pattern forms. Alerts can be sent via email, text, or directly to your brokerage account. This is a great feature if you want to monitor many stocks at once without constantly staring at charts.

Where TrendSpider shines is in its community. The platform has a huge library of prebuilt strategies, indicators, and screeners created by other traders. You can browse strategies by popularity or performance and quickly implement them on your charts. The community is also great for trading ideas or sharing your analysis. 

TrendSpider Features

TrendSpider offers innovative charting and analysis tools for technical traders. Some of the platform’s key features include:

Automated Trendline Analysis

TrendSpider’s algorithms automatically detect trend lines and patterns in your data. You can adjust the sensitivity to control how aggressive the detection is. This feature identifies support and resistance areas to help guide your trading decisions.

Automated Heatmap

The automated heatmap highlights the strongest support and resistance levels by coloring price areas on your chart according to the trend’s strength. Darker colors indicate stronger support or resistance.

Multi Timeframe Analysis

View indicators and trend lines for two different periods on a single chart. Compare short-term and long-term trends side by side.

Multi Symbol View

Expand on the multi-timeframe feature by viewing four timeframes for multiple symbols on one chart. Identify correlations across securities and spot divergences that could signal trading opportunities.

Candlestick Pattern Detection

allows for automatic analysis of candlestick patterns. Many traders favor candlestick charts for identifying good entry and exit points. TrendSpider detects popular patterns like hammers, shooting stars, and engulfing patterns.

Trading Strategy Backtesting

Backtesting allows traders to see how potential trade strategies would have performed in the past. It’s available for unlimited use on both the “Elite” and “Advanced” plans, so you can determine the viability of your ideas before putting real money on the line.

Automated Fibonacci Retracements

When using this feature, traders can automatically find important inflection points. These are based on Fibonacci levels, which many believe can predict support and resistance areas. The software does the calculations for you, saving time and effort.

Trading On-the-Go

TrendSpider offers native Android and iPhone apps, allowing you to bring the power of automated technical analysis into your pocket. Monitor your watch lists, spot trading signals, and even place trades directly from the app.

Options Flow

Options Flow lets you see large options trades as they happen. Spot unusually large trades or clusters of activity to find trade ideas. Filter by trade size, option type, expiration, and more. Options flow can reveal what the “smart money” is doing and point to potential trade setups before price action confirms a move.

TrendSpider’s features provide traders with actionable insights to improve their trading strategies and outcomes. The platform aggregates market data and uses advanced algorithms to detect patterns and uncover opportunities.

TrendSpider Plans and Pricing

TrendSpider offers monthly and annual pricing plans to suit your needs.

Premium ($39/month, $198/year)

The “Premium” plan gives you access to TrendSpider’s essential features at an affordable price. You’ll get real-time data for U.S. stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more. However, indices and automated trading capabilities are limited.

Use TrendSpider’s intuitive charts and set up to 25 price alerts. Get notifications on your phone or email when a stock hits your target price. The alert system supports dynamic alerts but not multi-factor alerts.

Access some Asset Insight tools to research trending stocks and ETFs. You can see trend strength ratings, events impacting price, and more. Unfortunately, intraday scanning and backtesting are unavailable on this plan.

The “Premium” plan suits long-term investors on a budget. You’ll have the basics to research and monitor positions over weeks, months, or years. Day and algorithmic traders need a higher tier for live data and automation.

For casual investors, the “Premium” plan delivers solid value. You get charting alerts and insights to make informed decisions without some advanced features. If your needs change, upgrading to a higher plan is easy.

Elite ($79/month, $351/year)

The “Elite” plan is TrendSpider’s premium offering, providing serious traders with powerful tools and resources. Elite includes everything in the Premium plan, plus:

  • Indices (delayed) market data feeds
  • Backtesting capabilities to optimize your trading strategies
  • Multi-factor alerts to monitor the markets
  • Intraday scanning to identify opportunities in real-time
  • Automatic anchoring to lock in profits
  • All asset insight features to analyze market trends
  • Three trading bots to automate your strategies

Elite members also get:

  • Four workspaces (instead of two)
  • Up to 100 alerts (instead of 50)
  • View 100 scan results (instead of 50)
  • Unlimited training and priority support

For dedicated traders looking to take their game to the next level, Elite provides the tools and resources to actively and systematically trade the markets. The additional market data, scanning features, trading bots, and workspaces give you an edge to capitalize on opportunities.

Advanced ($129/month, $409/year)

The “Advanced” plan is geared toward high-volume, full-time traders who need expanded capabilities and automation. For the higher monthly or annual fee, the “Advanced” plan provides:

  • Six workspaces running simultaneously
  • Up to 250 alerts lasting 90 days
  • View up to 250 results per search
  • Access five trading bots for automation

While this top-tier plan builds on the features of the “Elite” plan, it does not offer any new functionalities. Rather, it substantially increases limits and access for traders actively managing high volumes of data, alerts, and trades daily. 

The workspaces, alerts, search results, and trading bots allow these users to streamline their process through TrendSpider’s platform.

Given the considerable cost and lack of new features compared to lower plans, the “Advanced” plan is tailored to professional traders with intensive needs. For casual or hobby traders, the “Elite” plan likely provides more than enough power and access at a lower price point.

TrendSpider Pros and Cons

So, you’re interested in TrendSpider? As with any platform, it has its pros and cons. Let’s break them down so you can decide if it’s right for you.


  • Automated analysis of trendlines
  • User-friendly interface
  • Swift analysis of price action
  • A 7-day trial period is available
  • Option for a monthly subscription
  • Mobile app compatible with Apple and Google platforms


  • Challenging to view multiple charts simultaneously
  • Charts tend to load slowly

Overall, TrendSpider is ideal for technical traders who want a powerful platform for analysis, screening, backtesting strategies, and improving their skills. If you’re willing to commit the time to learn the platform and can handle the costs, TrendSpider has a lot to offer for active traders. But it may be overkill for casual or beginner traders.

Final Thoughts on TrendSpider

TrendSpider offers innovative tools for technical analysis and charting that can enhance your trading strategy. While the platform may have a learning curve for new traders, its intuitive interface and educational resources help quickly get you up to speed.

TrendSpider utilizes the latest technology, like machine learning and artificial intelligence, to help simplify the technical analysis. Its proprietary algorithm works behind the scenes to dynamically scan the markets and alert you to potential trading opportunities in real-time so you can spend less time analyzing charts and more time executing your strategy.

Even with an intuitive platform, TrendSpider’s advanced tools may require a learning curve for new traders. Their education center, “TrendSpider University,” provides video tutorials, how-to guides, and a knowledge base to help you master the platform. The materials explain the hows and whys behind the tools so you can apply them effectively in your trading.

Overall, TrendSpider offers a robust set of tools for technical analysis at a reasonable price. For swing and day traders looking to streamline their processes and gain an edge in the markets, TrendSpider is worth checking out. Click here to sign up for a free 7-day trial and use the code “20MM” to save 20% on your subscription.