Trying Shrooms Online: Tips for a Good Psychedelic Trip

Now you have bought shrooms online from your favourite shop and decided to experience the incredible effects of it, and you might start to wonder, how can one achieve an excellent psychedelic trip? Everyone using mushrooms always hopes to get that experience often described by psychonauts. They want to have colourful visuals, see odds patterns, or even reach that spiritual high.

You should keep in mind that everyone, whether you are a frequent user or a first-timer, must know how to prepare for the trip to obtain these benefits. The so-called good psychedelic experience requires preparation, and with these suggestions, you may be able to feel it..

Make Sure You’re in a Secure Environment

Experiences with psilocybin, the active component that causes hallucinations and other effects, can be incredibly unsettling. If you are trekking in the woods and are on an unmarked or dimly lit trail, you risk becoming lost. You might see things like purple unicorns or aliens that don’t exist in our ordinary physical reality, or you can lose understanding of how commonplace objects like traffic lights function and what to do when they turn green or red.

Extended fits of belly-aching laughter will usually draw attention because psilocybin tends to add a layer of humour to everyday experiences.The full 6 to 8 hours of your journey must be spent in a secure location as a result. The best places to utilize mushrooms include festivals with contemplative music, areas with lots of spaces to relax, a friend’s farm or rural home, or your bedroom.

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Being in a good mood is essential to having a good trip, and that typically entails being open and letting the mushrooms take you anywhere you want to. This can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to anticipate. 

Mentally preparing for the trip includes personality, thoughts, mood, expectations, and mindset. The psychological preparation for a trip can affect the experience. Psilocybin can potentially intensify one’s state of mind, so it’s crucial to consider this before setting out on a trip. It could be beneficial to set aside your expectations, consider your objective if you have one, and give the process your full attention. 

Consume the Proper Amount 

Taking an excess amount is the worst thing that can happen. The good news is that you are much more likely to vomit than die if you overdose on psilocybin. In reality, fatalities are quite uncommon and typically result from accidents.

The bad news is that you might experience numerous hours of bizarre hallucinations and the impression that time has stopped entirely and you are trapped in this position for all eternity, with that being said, using the proper dosage matters.

Your body weight, tolerance, and strain will affect how much you should ingest. Start with a small dosage, wait a few hours, then gradually raise it until you find the ideal dosage for your batch. This is a decent general rule of thumb.

Eat Something Light

As your body’s natural acids break down the psilocybin and other hallucinogenic compounds during digestion, you absorb them via the lining of your stomach. Generally speaking, the more empty your stomach is, the quicker and stronger the effects will be. On the other hand, if you’ve recently consumed a substantial meal, your body may entirely digest psilocybin without absorbing the euphoric compounds. In this situation, the goal would be unsuccessful.

Before ingesting the mushrooms, eat light and readily absorbed meals like vegetables, fibre, simple fats, and proteins. Avoid overeating, but also avoid starving yourself to prevent intense or no psychedelic experience at all.

Find A Trip Sitter

Having a trip sitter is a golden rule that should always be followed regardless of how much experience you have. Every time you use psilocybin, you should have a trusted friend or family member.

It might be a sober friend hanging out with you (this is the safest option), a friend you’re taking them with, or at least someone aware of your whereabouts, your plans for the day, and who can get a hold of you if necessary. Ensure you have someone to talk to whenever necessary.

Set Intention

The energy and focus move appropriately more quickly if you concentrate on the purpose of taking magic mushrooms. Write the intention in your notebook if you have one, or write it on a piece of paper and hang it up where you’ll see it. Intentions can act as an anchor, offering a structure for the trip and a point of reference to turn to when you feel overwhelmed.

Stock Up on Food and Water

Simple activities, like opening a can of tuna fish, may seem exceedingly difficult when you are tripping. Because of this, you must ensure that you have quick and simple access to food and drink.

Make sure you have a full litre of water and quick, wholesome snacks. It’s possible that you won’t feel like eating until the end of your trip because psilocybin tends to suppress appetite and perhaps make you feel nauseous.

Set a Day Off

Plan to have one day free of obligations right after your trip. It’s crucial to give whatever is arising as much room as possible at this moment. Returning to work too soon can cause anxiety and even halt any psychological growth that has occurred since your psilocybin experience. To make any new perceptions or ideas effective, it’s a good idea to repeat them.


Preparation will help you have a good psychedelic experience. Careful considerations and steps like setting an intention and the mood, finding a safe place, and taking the right amount will allow you to enjoy the experience instead of panicking. Your purchase will not go to waste since you will achieve your goals with these tips. Additionally, purchase shrooms online from a reputable dispensary to ensure that what you ingest is safe.

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