Turn Off Glance in Samsung? Not So Fast! Discover how you can shop smart with Glance Lock Screen 

Are you looking for a smarter way to shop? Look no further than Glance, the personalized lock screen pre-installed on Samsung smartphones. Glance provides relevant news, sports scores, and deals from your favorite stores directly on your lock screen, tailored to your interests and preferences. 

By customizing your Glance and exploring the products and deals it presents, you can discover new brands and items and even make purchases directly from your lock screen without unlocking your phone. With Glance, shopping has become more convenient and streamlined, and you can save both time and money. Learn more about the benefits of using Glance for shopping and how to get started with this smart lock screen. In this blog post, we’ll also explore how to turn on and off with a Guide to Glance in Samsung. So, let’s start.

Learning About Glance?

Glance is a smart lock screen that makes your life better by displaying personalized content based on the user’s interests and preferences. In India alone, millions of users are already using the Glance smart lock screen on their phones. It comes pre-installed on Samsung smartphones and displays relevant information based on your preferences. Moreover, its functions go beyond a wallpaper or an application. However, what sets Glance apart is that it also displays personalized content, such as news articles, sports scores, and deals from your favorite stores. Glance is personalized based on the user’s interests and preferences, making it a fantastic way to help you discover new products, brands, and deals.

How To Turn On or How to Turn Off Glance in Samsung?

If you want to turn on or off the Glance smart lock screen, it’s a simple process that can be done quickly and easily. 

However, If you are sure, then we will help you remove Glance on your Samsung phone with the following steps:

  • Settings
  • Lock screen
  • Wallpaper Services
  • Select None Turn off the phone screen and turn it on again.

How to Use Glance for Shopping?

Glance is a smart lock screen that can assist you in making smart shopping decisions before you have even unlocked your phone. Here is how you can use Glance for shopping purposes on your Samsung device.

Personalize Your Glance

Personalization is the first thing you need to do in order to use Glance for shopping. To accomplish this, go to “Glance in Samsung” and begin customizing your experience there. You have the ability to select the subjects that are of interest to you here, such as gaming, sports, daily news, home décor, and more. You can also see content about fashion, beauty, and other topics. When you have finished customizing Glance, it will immediately begin presenting you with content that is tailored to your particular tastes and interests.

Discover Products and Deals

Once you have Glance customized to your preferences, you will be able to begin discovering products and offers from your preferred stores directly from your phone’s lock screen. Glance will present you with relevant products and deals based on the information you provide about your preferences and interests. 

You can explore other products and discounts by swiping left or right on the screen. You might learn about new items, brands, and offers that you otherwise would not have had access to if you did not have access to this smart lock screen wallpaper

Buy directly from the lock screen 

If you come across a product on Glance that you like, you have the option to buy it without even having to unlock your phone in order to complete the transaction. Simply tapping on the item will take you to the website or app of the retailer, where you can finish making your purchase. The process of shopping becomes less time-consuming and more convenient as a result.

Why Should You Use Glance for Shopping?

When you use Glance for your shopping needs, you open yourself up to a variety of perks. Glance is already changing the way people use their phones. You can also get daily news updates, play games, watch live scores, and access a great deal of more content. Glance is great for shopping, and here are a few reasons why you should use it:

Discover Deals

When you use Glance, you won’t even need to launch the app for the store you want to shop at in order to find great offers and products. This may allow you to save time and assist you in locating the greatest deals. Glance is a smart lock screen that can assist you in finding new items, brands, and offers because it provides content customised for you based on your likes and choices.

Personalized Content

Glance presents individualized content to the user by taking into account their choices and interests. Discovering new companies and goods that you otherwise may not have been aware of is made possible through the use of this lock screen. Glance is also able to learn from your activities, which results in it becoming more tailored to your needs over time.

Convenient Shopping

Using Glance, you are able to make purchases immediately from your phone’s lock screen without even having to unlock it first. The process of shopping becomes less time-consuming and more convenient as a result. This could help you save time and make the shopping experience go more smoothly overall.


Glance’s smart lock screen is already benefiting millions of users worldwide. You can save both time and money by customizing your Glance and using it to find products from the stores you visit most frequently. You may find new items, brands, and offers with Glance’s tailored information, making it an interesting choice for a lock screen. 

Through the use of Glance, you are able to make purchases immediately from your phone’s lock screen, which makes the overall shopping experience more streamlined and efficient. Glance is a smart lock screen that comes pre-installed on Samsung smartphones, so you should think again the next time you consider turning it off. Glance might be the ideal shopping companion for you, assisting you in buying in a smart and effective manner.