How To Turn Your Outdoor Space Into An Oasis

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You could turn your outdoor space into your own little escape away from home without going the distance. This is for times when you feel like taking a breather from household chores and even work. This is an effortless way to get that R&R that you need without having to change into outdoor clothes and driving all the way.

The best part of it is that you can enjoy the place with your family and friends too. Outdoor living could be that very much needed extension of the house where you can extend home living under the skies and with more fresh air. You could also enjoy the garden and all the facilities and features you have built. 

Turning your outdoor space into your own oasis is an exciting project especially if you have a lot of ideas in mind. You can look for the potential of the space and turn it into a lot of opportunities. Additionally, you may do a search for websites, such as the Soothing Company, that provide a range of relaxing outdoor decors in order to create a mini indoor-outdoor living room for your family to unwind. Make this area a place no would ever ignore again and have it filled with people and activities all the time. Once you have successfully created a living space where you can bring most of your indoor activities outside, you and your family would want to spend a lot of time here rather than being inside the house. In doing so, you must learn how to make this dream project a reality.

Scale Your Space

The first thing you have to do is to scale your property to get its specific measures for later improvements and modifications. This is important for you to know how much space you have and what you can put there. Even if you want to put a pool but space won’t allow for it then this is not a realistic goal. It will also help you decide on whether everything you want for your oasis can be store-bought or it has to be custom made.

You can either make a scale model, a drawing, or a rendering of the entire space so you can visualize it’s potential. Take note that you should only scale the area you can work with and not the spaces you wouldn’t be able to change including trees and flower beds you want to maintain. You would need these measurements when you go shopping and buying materials.


The advantage of scaling your property first is that it opens an opportunity for you to make the initial assessment of the current outdoor situation. You could see the problem areas and list all the things that can be improved, changed, and removed. Not only these, but you would also be able to see what is still working and what can be retained or further improved.

You would be surprised at how many things you can find in your outdoor space. The things you have been longing for could turn up and it would surprise you how many things are hiding in the corners and difficult to reach areas. As much as possible, clean out the place while going through your assessment so you can proceed to the next stages of your project. 

Cleaning Out

Starting anew will make this project easier. Start with a clean place before even adding any improvement. Scrub areas that need scrubbing and sweep everything on the ground. If you have plants in the space, clear them of weeds and trapped objects and make sure that their pots are also scrubbed clean.

Remove everything that can accumulate trash and water because these can be breeding grounds for insects and bacteria. If there are canals and drainage nearby, clean these as well and make sure they have coverings and that the drainage system works well and unclogged. 


The improvements you could do first is to look at the facilities you would want to add including additional fixtures, lighting, and anything that can be built and added permanently. Start with painting the outdoor walls anew so it can be refreshing to the eyes. If you have fences or walls surrounding the wall, paint these too to avoid rusting or degradation over time.

If you need to install bricks and tiles then you should do this at the beginning. You can choose materials that are very similar to the house to really make it an extension of the home or you can choose a totally different one to make it pop from the rest of your house. 

Shade Options

Adding shade to your outdoor space can help anyone be protected from the sun, rain, and wind for when the weather becomes extreme. This addition can be permanent or something that can also be retracted for when you want to bask under the sun. You could also choose to install patio umbrellas to emulate the feeling of being on vacation. 

Furniture and Decors

The fun part of creating an outdoor oasis is choosing furniture and decors. This is your chance to incorporate that coach you have wanted for so long or that dining set you want to put in the backyard. With so many options now, you could take your time shopping for only the best one. The key points you have to remember is how well they last under an outdoor environment so choose the materials wisely in order for your purchase to last.

You can also have custom-built benches and chairs if you have a unique shape in your space. This is an opportunity to combine additional storage under the spaces of your furniture. The decors you should choose should complement the outdoor environment so that it won’t look out of place. Avoid putting in small pieces of glass or anything breakable to avoid getting knocked over and destroyed. For the long summer and dry days, you can even put outdoor cushions to make it more comfortable to stay in. 

Shed or Cabins

Shed and cabins have been traditionally added to outdoor spaces but they were mostly made for storage and planting purposes. You may also opt for sheds that will serve as your greenhouse for when you want to grow plants and herbs or storage than can double as a carpentry shop for your other projects.

Another option is to create a small vacation home or cabin as seen on to have another way to vacation and chill within your property. Small and compact space could be great for when you have guests or when you want to do fun activities with your family including camping and overnight adventures outside of their bedrooms.

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To liven up space, you could put up entertainment features like stereo speakers for music or outdoor cinemas. It can be as simple as putting a mount for a projector to flash your favorite movie on a bigger screen. Movie nights would be more interesting if you are outdoors and with fresh air. Adding wifi could also help you continue your activities outdoors while being connected to your online entertainment providers. If not gadgets then you can put interactive games for you to play with friends and family.

Outdoor Kitchen

The best thing about having an outdoor kitchen is that the ambiance you can have is totally different from being indoors. You can be carefree in cooking and experiment with strong odors as it can escape freely into the air. You could also produce as much smoke as you want without tipping off fire alarms so this is perfect for when you make barbecue and grilling.

It is one way to enjoy the outdoors more as you can have more activities to do that just lounging around. Plus, it is so much easier to prepare for parties and events if you have a working kitchen outdoors.


The outdoor oasis wouldn’t be complete without greenery in the surroundings. Make the space greener with flowering plants and bushes that can serve as a space boundary or screen. You can also choose to have a vertical plant space so you can have hanging plants around your space. Pots can also look decorative so choose something that works well with your other decors in terms of color and size.

For flowering plants, have them in areas that can be seen right away to serve as a focal point for when they are in season. Do not hesitate to get smaller ones for your outdoor tables. Trees are also great options for when you have a bigger space. You can grow different kinds of fruits which will again be another delight for when they bear some.

Children’s Area

When you have kids, it would be so much easier to bring them outside if you have an area dedicated to them. It should be free of obstacles and accident inducing objects. Have a place where you can store their outdoor toys.

You can also make a DIY obstacle course, especially during their vacation. This will not just encourage them to take time off their gadgets and have a form of physical exercise. This is also great for when you have children’s parties so you can just rent out inflatables where they can enjoy slides and other fun activities.

Work Area

With the many additional features you can build on your outdoor oasis, you can also include a working area to give you a fresh space to do your work. It can be inside the shed you are putting up or it can simply be at the outdoor coach you have included.

To make this possible, you would need to put up outlets where you can plug your work gadgets, aside from the wifi access that you are going to extend. You can also have an additional table or corner for reading papers and books while having coffee or tea in the morning or afternoon. Any space for an adult is great so that each member of the family can have a little of their own to enjoy.


Even if you want to have extensive activities outdoors, you would still want to keep your privacy and be out of the prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by. You can install privacy screens to keep your space out of sight to the outside world. Instead of putting up walls that can cost too expensive and too long to make. These screens are more cost-efficient to do and lighter compared to putting up blocks.


An outdoor jacuzzi is a great way to relax and unwind especially at the end of the day. It is like having a piece of a spa at home to destress you after long and busy days. This is perfect for when you have a smaller space that won’t allow for pools because it is relatively smaller and easier to build.

It will surely become a good addition not just for your family but for guests who are coming over. It is super luxurious and beneficial. In order to get the most privacy, look for a location that is shielded from outside view. Choose a place closer to the door of the house so you can easily go back inside after your dip.


In extreme seasons, the outdoors can be useless especially at night when it would be too cold to be outside. Another amenity you could add is an outdoor fireplace very similar to indoor ones but only placed in your backyard to keep you warm. If it is fixed to the wall then it would be space-saving and not inviting accidents from people moving around. You could also build a firepit if you prefer this so you can gather around it. The most important thing is that it serves its purpose of not just warming up the place but beautifying your whole outdoor space as well.

There is a lot of potential in having an outdoor space ready to be transformed into an outdoor oasis. All you need to do is to inspire some creativity and effort in looking for the best amenities to include. When this project becomes successful, your home would have a more valuable place for you and your family to enjoy.