Twitch Will Prevent Harassment

Twitch is a streaming website where esport events are broadcast and gamers and their gameplay is broadcast to the masses. Twitch has made a name for itself by allowing gamers to share their gameplay with others. One of the main features of this platform is how interactive it is. It allows users to enjoy a real-time chat function. And it is this level of interaction that allows for a superlative user experience. Elegant Media, which is an app development company that is based in Australia creates apps just like Twitch that help connect users with products and services.

Mobile development is an area that is in great demand. And, it is certainly a field that will evolve as more and more people go online with their smart devices. The real fact is that as more people go online, there will be the chance for communities to form based on varying preferences and needs. This will certainly be an opportunity for aspiring companies to create applications where they can sell their products and services. With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the aspect of user experience becomes a big deal. And, this is something that should be thought of when it comes to crafting your own personal app. 

Mobile application development will only evolve as time goes on. But gone are the days of just creating an app. Now it is all about user experience and ensuring that you take into consideration factors like data breaches, online harassment and privacy issues. These are the issues that will lead to app churn and make your application a guaranteed failure. As user preferences change and evolve, there will be new technologies that come to the fore and which need to be accepted. Consider, for instance, how Twitch is using technology to prevent hate raids. The latter are trolls who hijack the chats of streamers by sending hateful messages. 

A machine learning model powers Twitch’s Suspicious User Detection, which identifies whether a user is likely or possible when considering if they have been banned from a streamer’s channel. Giving power to the people, Twitch mentions how streamers can change the preferences by tweaking so that they have the ability to moderate users and ensure that harassment is kept to a minimum. Moreover, verification will be via phone or email. It is the use of what was earlier regarded as emerging technologies that can change the online world for better. 

Technology may have caused issues, but it also has become a saviour of sorts. The advent of machine learning coupled with artificial intelligence will only serve to offer a safe and better user experience for all. With so many interactions happening online there is no doubt that the concept of app development is fast becoming not only something that is evolving but also a domain that improves as time goes on. An app like Twitch cannot be static when it comes to development. Rather in order to stay engaging and to minimise issues like harassment, there needs to be a continuous process with regard to progressing and becoming appealing.

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