What Twitter Account means to Business Owners – 5 Real Time Benefits

Twitter image 499499499When Twitter appeared in the social media scene, its function was simply to receive and report news from every corner of the globe. Since then, its use has changed dramatically. Today, it has become a very significant tool in the sphere of Digital Marketing. There are almost one billion people who are active on the platform, many of whom try hard to get Twitter followers. Followers can significantly influence your business, visitor numbers, sales figures, and ultimately profits.

One of the aims in social media marketing is to increase Twitter followers as fast as possible. However, it is not an easy task.

Unlike its early days, when the social media website was simply a place to spread the news, today, every business worth its salt has a Twitter account. In this article, we will explain why Twitter has become so important in the world of digital marketing.

It Can Make Your Promotion Go Viral

Going viral image megaphone 4994Let us suppose that you are offering a new service that offers special discounts. It’s a great service, but unfortunately nobody knows about it. Do you think your sales figures will be high? Of course they won’t! People only pay for things if they need or want them, and more importantly, if they know they exist.

Thanks to social media marketing, and in this case specifically Twitter, you can spread the word so that your target consumers get to know about your service. Twitter, with its one billion users, is a great platform through which to promote your business and brand.

There is more to digital marketing than simply telling people about yourself, your company, and its products or services. You need to grab people’s attention with interesting and engaging content. Apart of interesting texts, you need to include images, illustrations, statistics, infographics, and videos.

Most studies have shown that the vast majority of people respond better to videos and images than just plain text. Make sure your content also has strategic hyperlinks, and keep your messages relatively short but full of substance.

Ideal for Customer Support

Customer support Twitter 4994994Before the advent of the Internet, consumers would comment or complain about companies via letters and telephone calls. Today, social media networks have become the venue for that type of feedback. If you do not have a Twitter account, or any social media presence, you will find it extremely hard to gauge your company’s or brand’s reputation.

Through, for example, your Twitter account, you can engage with customers, products, and other consumers and gather and analyze a vast amount of information regarding your marketplace.

Social media is an interactive medium, i.e., communication works both ways. Consumers receive input from you, and you get it from them.

You can use your Twitter account to provide support to your customers. In this context, there are various benefits that Twitter can provide you. It is timesaving because most people these days do not bother to visit companies’ official websites for contact information. They prefer to comment and seek out this type of information in their Twitter account.

As you interact with other users, make sure you respond not just to existing customers but also to consumers in general. That is how you can turn them into prospects, and eventually into paying customers.  The more you interact with people the more your brand will benefit. With the help of twitter tools like hashtags, retweets, and likes, your brand can reach more and more people.

Increase Your Customer Base

Increase your customer base image 4993There are a billion active users on Twitter – that is 3.3 times the whole population of the United States. Having a Twitter account means you are able to reach out to a virtually limitless number of people. Twitter chat is another impressive feature of Twitter. This tool allows you to chat with people over a specific hashtag. You can target a specific audience, i.e., people or companies that are more likely to be interested in your product or service.

If you can increase the number of people who follow you (Twitter followers) you are more likely to expand your customer base. If they are engaged and well targeted, boosting their numbers can significantly benefit your company.

Monitor Your Competitors

Twitter helps monitor your competitors image 4994994It is Twitter that makes you aware of what other people are saying. By means of Twitter Search, you can easily become cognizant of what people are saying about any specific subject. It enables you to monitor your competitors. Through social media you can get a pretty good idea about what your rivals think about you and what they are saying.

A good way to monitor your competitors is to follow them on Twitter. You don’t even need to do this directly. Create a private Twitter list that only you can see and add your rivals to it.

Real Time Conversations

Real time conversations image 44n4nn4nAnother major benefit that a Twitter account gives you is real time conversations. The whole network is bursting with conversations. You can start a chat, for example, by simply replying to a Tweet. You can join popular conversations – they are easy to find. As your business becomes better known in Twitter world, you can host a number of chats yourself.

Rather than communicating with your target audience via email, you can converse with people in real time. This allows you to interact with them more effectively. Most digital marketing professionals would not advise ditching your email marketing strategies, but rather to enhance your whole approach by adding real time Twitter conversations to the mix.


Twitter founded 2006 image 4342321
Twitter today is a household name. Most people are surprised when you tell them that before March 21st, 2006, it did not exist. It has only been around for thriteen years. It was created by Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Jack Dorsey.

Twitter, a fast-paced social media channel, is ideal for SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises). It is the best medium for real-time customer engagement. Companies today use Twitter to inform consumers about product updates, promote their blogs, issue press releases, and attract visitors to their website.

Did you know that people who follow your brand on Twitter are significantly more likely to visit your business’ website?

The whole service, including everything we have mentioned in this article, is free – you can put all your Twitter ideas into action without spending one penny.