7 Ways Twitter Can Aid Business Growth

In the last five years, Twitter has become a very popular social media platform. The social media app has over 330 million monthly active users. The massive following on Twitter makes it ideal for brand and product promotion. Twitter is a great platform for sharing and advertising your products/services.

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Twitter has a business version with great features for growing your business. It is also the number one platform for starting trends in the form of hashtags.

When people want to find topics on social media, they search for hashtags on Google. Guess which platform ranks highest for a hashtag search on Google? That’s right, Twitter!

In addition to this, tweeting links to your website and blog alerts Google that they are active and improves social signals.

Twitter can boost your business in the following ways:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Targeting your target audience
  • Brand promotion and representation
  • Make your profile count
  • Work smart with tools
  • Utilize analytic tools
  • Engage with your audience

You can also use a Twitter bot to help grow your brand on the platform.

Search Engine Optimization

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Twitter can help improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. When people search for your brand on Google, the results will include your website as well as similar names.

People interested in following your brand on social media use Google to search for active brand accounts. Google uses your brand name as a keyword to search Twitter. The results will include all accounts with the same/similar handles.

Ensure your brand/business name is your Twitter handle. If your name is taken, try add-ons like HQ and official at the end – For example, DailyPostsHQ or DailyPostOfficial.

A proper bio will help your Twitter page to rank higher on Google. A concise summary of your brand/business including keyword hashtags makes it easier to find your Twitter profile and by default, your website.

Targeting your target audience

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Who are you trying to reach? What is their preferred content? What catches their attention?

Once these questions are answered, you can target Twitter ads to specific audiences. This means that adverts will appear in the search and timelines of the target audience.

Adverts and campaigns can be further customized so that tweets can appear either in the audience timeline or search. Extra features and multiple keywords can be included in a campaign. Keywords may even be imported. Tailoring your audience is done in a few clicks but the whole process may take a while.

Brand Promotion and Representation

Twitter is ideal for growing your audience, generating leads, and increasing brand visibility. Promoting your brand, products, and services on Twitter helps you rank higher on Twitter and on search engines.

Share links to your blog and website on Twitter as often as you can. People retweet, like, and share your tweet. The more shares you get, the more brand awareness and visibility you achieve.

The best part is that promotions can be customized to fit the audience.

Promoted Trends

You can promote your own trends or create “tags.” These trends or tags are found in the trending topics list on Twitter. They are labeled as “Promoted” and may appear at the top of the list. Although these trends are promoted, they are the same as other trending topics, and users can engage with them in a similar manner.

Promoted tweets

These look like regular tweets but they appear on the timeline of people who do not follow you on Twitter. They are tagged promoted by Twitter with the inclusion of your brand name. For example, the tag may look like this: Promoted by Daisy’s Fishery.

Promoted accounts

Twitter allows users to promote their accounts. Twitter displays promoted accounts to users in your target audience. This enables brands/businesses to gain followers interested in their products and services. If you use the right third-party app, you can get more Twitter followers easily. Try these: 25+ Best Apps to Get Followers on Twitter (2020).

Almost  85% of Twitter users find new businesses on Twitter through promoted accounts. Promoted accounts are found in the “Who to follow” section on the user’s timelines and in the search results. If you include targeted keywords in your tweets, Google has a higher chance of recognizing your tweets.

Direct messages(DMs)

Direct messages have evolved over the years, especially in the way brands use it. DMs provide a way for businesses to interact with clients and handle problems that may arise. Direct messages are good for dealing with customers for various reasons.

First, the problem is dealt with privately, avoiding negative press and publicity. Tweets have a 160 character limit but DMs do not. This allows the business to give detailed explanations and answers to customers.

Make your profile count

A Twitter profile has five parts: a username, a Twitter handle, a profile picture, a header image, and a bio. You may include a pinned tweet. These factors, if well-utilized, work together to create an attractive representation of your business.  The bio gives you 160 characters to describe your brand, products, or services.

Your bio should include details such as a website link, your working hours, and your location. Use the header image to display current events, news, and promotions.

Your profile picture should be your professional business logo or any other representative image. Your username and Twitter handle should be the same as your brand name or as similar as possible. This makes it easy for customers to find your page on Twitter and on the Internet.

A pinned tweet occupies the top spot on your profile. It is the first tweet visitors see on your profile. Your pinned tweet can include a link to your website or a description of your products and services. It may also contain information about promotions and campaigns. You can change your pinned tweet when you want.

Work smart with tools

There are tools and applications designed to make your Twitter usage easier and more effective. You can schedule posts, find trending keywords and generate leads with Twitter tools. There are native and third-party tools designed for this purpose.

For instance, TweetDeck and Hootsuite allow the creation of columns that enable the user to follow tweets from your lists. Hootsuite can be used to schedule posts as well. Hypefury is a great alternative to Hootsuite if you’re looking for something different that is more suitable for your needs and wallet. It is designed to give you the edge when it comes to Twitter. With it, you can boost your engagement, increase your reach and increase your productivity all in one go.

Hashtagify reveals the top 10 hashtags related to a specific keyword. For instance, searching the keyword perfumes will reveal the most popular tags used in relation to the keyword.

Utilize analytic tools

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Twitter has inbuilt analytic features to help businesses track their growth.  It includes likes, shares, follower counts, and interactions. Twitter analytics shows you the impression of each post, video, and photo on your page. Your tweet data can provide important feedback about your followers. You can see how your audience responds to your content, what they like and dislike.

Knowing the number of people clicking on your links or actively interacting with you compared to your total audience is important. This information provides a deep understanding of your followers, what they prefer, and the content that generates the highest number of leads.

Engage with your audience

As much as professionalism is great, people love it when there is a personality behind the brand. Engage with your Twitter audience regularly. Respond to their comments, follow them back and tag them in posts. Hosting giveaways is a great way to interact with your audience and gain Twitter followers.


On average, each Twitter user follows five business accounts and 80% of all users have mentioned a brand in a Tweet. This makes Twitter a great place to interact with customers and build brand awareness. However, building an interactive and loyal following takes time, don’t give up too quickly.

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