Twitter For Business: Dos And Don’ts 

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Twitter is not just a network, but it is the go-to place for people who are fond of expressing their inner selves. To businesses, it would be the ideal platform to connect to the audiences and find leads to establish their brands.

Using Twitter, you may post and curate material to benefit your followers. You can also build your brand in your field respective field with ease. And, if done well, you may establish yourself as a notable resource for them.

It may not be easy to market yourself in the social media giant because there are specific guidelines for your business to follow when developing a feed that will lead to more engagement. Whether you want more free Twitter followers organically or post content consistently for engagements and leads, you should know Twitter dos and don’ts to be more efficient.

Now, let us look at the dos and don’ts for Twitter Business.

Enhance and Simplify Your Profile

Obviously, you need to show everybody who you are by completing your biography. Create a header image and a profile picture of your choice. Simplify your profile with the important details needed. You may use keywords to make your profile visible and searchable. 

You might notice that Twitter gives you one single link space to utilize. Use that to add one more link to your bio to promote your business website. Include also a call to action to generate leads and more traffic.  

Be Consistent at Posting Relevant Content

Social media isn’t just posting around and gathering people. It is a commitment whenever you want to market your product or brand. In doing this, you need to post consistently to get ahead of your competitors. 

Schedule your tweets and share only relevant content to your feed. If you don’t know which time to post, you can actually test different times to find the best time to get engagements. Keep in mind that your followers will ”see” more of your brand when you post consistently.

Plan and Schedule Everything

Planning and scheduling activities will never fail you. For you to avoid overcrowding your timeline, you should keep track of pertinent hashtags, try different titles, be creative, and have careful thoughts on scheduling your tweets. 

You should have a firm understanding of your target market and your social media objectives. Decide on the kind of content you would like to produce, the format, your publishing schedule, and of course, a strategy to better engage your audience. If you’re too busy to plan things out, please know that social management media software already exists.

Engage with Your Targeted Audience

Asking questions is a great way to get feedback from your audience. You may ask their preference and listen to their likes and dislikes about your brand. Don’t expect to get responses right away, and don’t lose hope. 

Have you heard of Twitter Polls? It can be useful to get people to interact. Another way to engage with them is through joining Twitter chats, following event hashtags, and joining in on the latest topics. 

Always remember, like, retweet, and comment on other people’s tweets.

Use of Catchy Visuals

You should know how important visuals are. Whether you want to make some visuals and graphics, ensure they are catchy. You better decide what type of visuals you’ll be using to make it easier for you to make content. You can use filters and colors that would give your photos a nice and high-quality look. 

Don’t be afraid to be different, but make sure not to overdo it, as it may leave a not-so-good impression on your audience. Your visuals should be distinctive enough so that people can remember them. 

The goal is to form a more complete understanding of your brand and goods. You can also make use of infographics or graphics to educate your audience about your brand and engage them.

Pin Posts and Use That to Draw Attention

Now you might have thought of the significance of the tips I mentioned earlier. After thorough planning, engaging your audience, and having a catchy visual, don’t forget to pin your posts. What kind of posts should you pin? 

Well, it could be brand announcements, promo codes or flash sales, memes about your products, or anything. Join with the trends and consider how your pinned posts would leave a mark on your viewers.

Keep Track of the Progress of Your Account

This is as important as planning and scheduling your posts. Remember to always stay on top of your Twitter analytics. You should know what is and is not working in terms of how your audience is responding to your content. Monitor your followers, your engagement levels, and retweets. This is how you would be able to improve your future campaigns.

Be Yourself When Tweeting

As much as possible, be authentic when you tweet. Don’t just follow the trends and copy what seems to be popular. Do research before you post content to build credibility in your tweets. Don’t make your tweets or content appear insensitive or as though you are only participating in the conversation out of obligation.

Things to Avoid

Everything About Your Tweets Is Your Brand

Honestly, people won’t be fond of your brand alone. They might also find it pretty annoying if your posts are all about it. You should retweet other users and provide content that your followers can relate to or find useful to spice things up. 

One or two posts per day are considered excellent for brands by 74% of the customers. 

Using Auto-Commenters to Engage with Viewers

If you want to avoid the risks of appearing spammy, make sure not to use this one. Using tools, such as auto-commenters, can be irritating for most people. It isn’t the best way to engage your customers in conversations. 

Even though auto-commenters do have advantages, this technique also has great drawbacks. It lacks the personalization of a manual response and may harm your relationship with your customers.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, just like any other business, you need to understand its essence and concept and commit to its growth before anything else.

It will be challenging, indeed! However, you just need to stay focused and be consistent, and you’ll be fine. 

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