How to Use Twitter for Marketing Your Business In 2019

Twitter image 4949838998Twitter is undoubtedly an influential social networking platform. However, it is baffling how most marketers do not understand its full potential. Twitter tends to be more beneficial when you have a large following. Thus, developing a big audience is the greatest challenge for most marketers.

In the quest to get Twitter followers, people use several strategies. However, some of them are unethical. They leave your account with a large number of spammy followers. You might end up with the numbers, but with very little engagement. It sure looks good on the surface, but what’s the point if your business does not benefit.

Using a Twitter growth service has become popular for most brands and businesses. It not only ensures the elimination of ghost followers but also makes sure your get lots of followers who are interested in your site. Now, this is what we call value. You enjoy organic growth with the promise of engagement and possible sales. Tools such as Twitter Follower Pro and Social Hackettes are among the many that could help you organically grow your following. Here are some tips that you can use to build your twitter followers naturally to ensure effective marketing for your business:

1.   Automated Following

As a brand, your goal is to reach newer audiences every day. Then again, that doesn’t mean you should go on a following spree. Clicking on every follow button does not translate to a meaningful connection. It also doesn’t guarantee a follow back. That era is long gone.

That should tell you each follow has to be strategic and well researched. A tool like Twitter Follower Pro analyzes accounts in the same niche as your business. These are the accounts that you should follow. Hence you avoid spamming, which is something you must avoid at all costs. Spamming gives your business a bad name.

2.   Direct Messages

Twitter allows you to send direct messages, referred to as DMs. They are a great tool to create a connection with your growing community. You can send DMs to any twitter user, even those who don’t follow you. This feature makes it the perfect place to start when seeking new audiences.

It is important to note that this is a private space. Hence, try not to make your first message promotional. Avoid those automated messages with links to buy products. Rather, make it an engagement tool instead of a sales tool. When the interaction proceeds, you can offer help. You can also show openness to future connections. This act will likely get you a follow. A tool like Crowdfire works best in sending bulk messages.

3.   Deliver Good Content

Most users will likely follow you when you prove to be informative. People love to read new information, and the more informative it is, the higher the engagement. There is an 80/20 rule on the content that you post on your twitter page. Around 80% of content posted has to be informative. The other 20% could be promotional.

You need make sure that you present both visual and text content. Visual content tends to be appealing and attractive. However, it is also essential to observe what your audience responds to, and capitalize on that. Creation of content may be time-consuming and challenging. At such times, it is practical to engage a contentment discovery tool. Tools such as Storify, Pocket, and DrumUp work well in that front.

4.   Make Retweeting A Habit!

One mistake that most brands do on twitter is only posting content about themselves. Funny thing though, this can get mentally exhausting for your audience. Thus, you need to mix it up as much as you can. Retweeting is a great way to break the monotony.

When you come across content related to your brand, retweet it. You can add your comments such that it triggers a conversation. That’s a way to create engagement. In other ways, it also gets your attention from the owner of the tweet. Their first instinct is to check your profile, and they may end up being a follower.

  1. Trending Topics and Hashtags

We use hashtags on twitter to categorize the massive streams of information. They make tweets discoverable by people. Employing the right hashtags will make other users see and find your tweet. The results are astronomical when you use trending hashtags. This feature means you should be armed with the right hashtags. It is important to note that they should be relevant to your brand.

Trending topics are an easy crowd puller. Posting them on your page makes you relatable. It as well shows you are conscience to the happenings around. Using a tool like Feedly ensures you get access to the latest news. Even better, it allows you to follow the media that is most relevant to your audience


Twitter provides a rich environment for marketing your business. You need to be on the lookout for the ever-changing marketing strategies. Implement the ideas and trends that scale your business to larger platforms. The above tips, when implemented, will contribute to the exceptional growth of followers.