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There is always more than one way to bet on your favorite e-sport for those who have ever placed esports bets. No matter it’s placing a simple bet on which Dota 2 team will pick up The International prize, or even making a bet on the right score on a CSGO game in the Intel Extreme Masters, there are surely many various types of esports wagering out there.

It is ok with just making some easy esports wagers on the winner of each match, if you want to make full use on esports betting Malaysia, you need to think and decide carefully about what types of esports wagers you want to use.

This is because all true esports betting fans understand that you can take an upper hand of the odds-on offer in some pretty imaginative method to get a good return on your wagers. Whether it’s to store up the stakes on a few separate esports teams in the Dota Summit, or even consider some handicap betting to get better returns on a favourite. All of these are evidence to show that you’ll need to use various types of esports bets in order to make your betting truly valuable.

Tournament Winner

These complete bets are very famous as they can be determined at any time, even well in advance of top tournaments like The International, DreamHack or the Intel Extreme Masters.

It can be difficult to foresee the big winner of these competitions, but if you are willing to do a lot of study and look for guidance on resources like Reddit, normally you can get a pretty good return on foreseeing the righteous winner of an esports tournament. 

Match Winner

This might be the most ordinary type of esports wager and it can be used for a huge variety of gaming choices. From making a betting prediction on who will win a LoL Champion match, to making a last-minute wager on the final round of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s clear that match winner wagers show a good technique to get started with your esports betting.

Match winner bets can be made before the game or tournament starts, but they are also the most ordinary types of bet that you will find in all betting websites. Although these are plain simple wagers to make, it takes a level of skill to know which odds can give you the most beneficial result.

First Map

Putting wagers on who will get victory on the first map is a great betting choice for fans of first-person shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Instead of taking a wager on the overall match winner, you can just take an in-play bet on which team you think will lock the victory for the first map. So, if you know that a top CSGO team like Fnatic has a record of getting wins on the first map, you’ll know who to place that first-map wager on. 

First Kill and First Blood

Some esports betting platforms give you the odds to make wagers on who will get the first kill or first blood in each single match.

These stakes can take a little more skill than other kinds of wagers, so be sure to listen to the esports commentators to get a good idea of when an entry flagger in a CSGO game could give you a winning result on your first kill in-play bet. As usual, if you do more studies via Twitch and Reddit, you can see which of the best esports players could help you make some good profits from this kind of bets.

Odd / Evens Bets

Some esports betting platforms allow you to put a stake that needs you to decide whether there will be an odd or even number of games won, players killed, or rounds played. It probably sounds difficult to do, it’s a fun substitute to the traditional match winner kind of bet.

Therefore, if you don’t know whether SK Gaming or Astralis will win their next CSGO clash, you can still take a chance with an odds / evens bet to possibly increase your stakes.

Over / Under Bets

Once you’ve known the odds / evens bets, you can also try making an over / under bet. These types of wagers need you to lay odds whether an esports team will score more or less than a certain amount fixed by the online betting platform.

This type of bet is usually used by most esports betting platforms where you can make a bet on whether teams like Gambit Esports and TyLoo can get a total of over or under 26.5 in the first match of a CSGO battle.


Just because we have given you a long list of the various types of esports bets, it doesn’t mean that you must use them all. It’s only by remaining calm and waiting for the right kinds of odds to come up that you are going to be able to use most of these bets for a beneficial return.

If you are still in doubt, remain your esports betting to small bets and simple wagers so that you are not taking any risks. It is clear now that there are plenty of ways to put wagers on esports.

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