Types of Advertising: What’s Best for Your Company?

With the rise of the internet, different kinds of advertising options are on the rise as well. Even if you can’t afford a tv commercial, there are other more affordable ways to grow your client base and increase profits.

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Digital ad platforms can be a great option to advertise your company. Even if you are not tech-savvy, websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn make it easy to create ads for your business.

For a more traditional way to advertise your business, you can put an ad in the newspaper, on air with local radio advertising, or send your ad to your local tv station. You can also use a combination of both to reach a wider audience.

This article lists different types of advertising and explains how to choose which one is right for your company.

Social Media

Social media advertising is increasing exponentially and is an excellent choice for small businesses. It is not too expensive and allows you to reach a select audience.

Targeted ads help promote your business to the people who are most likely to become customers. By narrowing down the audience your ads reach, you can advertise to a specific demographic. Targeting ads to people who live within a certain radius of your store is a great option.

Some websites and apps that are great for social media advertising include:

  1. Instagram. Instagram ads appeal to younger people. Depending on what your business is, this can be an excellent option for advertising. When creating an Instagram ad, make sure it is highly visual.
  2. Facebook. Facebook is a more widespread social media platform. Facebook ads will reach more people than other platforms such as YouTube. Facebook ads are less expensive and provide many advertising options, such as video ads, offers, images, events, and Facebook pages.
  3. LinkedIn. People who are looking for a job or are looking to hire people to use LinkedIn. To target professionals or other businesses, LinkedIn is an excellent option for advertising your business.

Social media ads are perfect if you are looking to use direct response advertising. This refers to ads that encourage people to respond quickly or immediately.

Google Ads

This type of advertising allows your business to show up on Google searches. You are only charged when a person clicks on your ad.

Print advertising

While social media and mobile advertising continue to rise in popularity, print advertising can also help you get new customers and increase profits. Print advertising is great for targeting older generations or less tech-savvy audiences.

Print advertising includes newspaper or magazine ads as well as creating brochures or flyers.

Direct mail advertising can also fall under print advertising. This refers to sending your advertisements through the mail to reach people.

TV and radio

Broadcast advertising refers to placing ads on TV and radio stations. Local tv and radio stations are less expensive than national stations and can help you reach a local audience.

Advertising doesn’t just mean billboards and commercials. There are many different ways to advertise your company.

The best way to advertise your business depends on who you want to reach. Future customers likely fall in a particular demographic. Social media advertising is probably your best bet because it allows you to reach a specific demographic.

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