Types of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptos are good investments, and you can get amazing outcomes from the best ones in the market. But you need to look for authentic cryptos as lots of odd and bad cryptos are also not doing good. But when you have lots of options available in front of you, getting confused and puzzled is normal. Check out the top reason to run a bitcoin node.

The developers may showcase a lot of prospects to sell their coins off. You need to dodge these traps and find out the best cryptos are doing wonderfully now. If you want to go through a list of the best cryptos present in the market now, you can check this article out.

Ethereum: We have cautiously avoided talking about Bitcoins here. People that started investing in cryptos are also well aware of Bitcoins. Hence, we start from Ethereum. The main reason behind the introduction of Ethereum is to make the coin available for everyone irrespective of their ethnicity and country.

This decentralised coin is known as a perfect alternative to Bitcoins. These coins are safe, and you can invest in them without worrying much about security as they are highly secure.

Cardano: This was developed by one of the developers of Ethereum. A team of Mathematicians, Engineers, Developers, etc. joined forces to find alternatives to Ethereum, and ended up mining this coin.

Cardano is known as the Ethereum killer as it has lots of offers, and no one knows the highest potential of this coin. This coin is in its early stage, and it has a lot to offer to the users. With the eighth largest market in the world, this is one of the biggest cryptos available in the market.

Solana: Another Ethereum killer on the go! Solana has a huge prospect lying in front of it. This coin was prepared for decentralized apps and is quite famous among users. It can complete a lot more transactions in a smaller amount of time.

It takes less time than Ethereum and has lesser transaction charges than Ethereum. Solana uses a Proof of stake blockchain, which is less harmful than the one used for Ethereum.

Polkadot: This is the Crypto that allows interoperability of all Blockchains out there. Here you will get permissionless, with permission blockchains and oracles working with each other peacefully. For specific cases, it also allows parallel Blockchains to work with the existing ones under its roof.

Polkadot has its own security, but developers can also create new Blockchains here. Coin-specific cases get entertained here. The shared security of Polkadot makes it a perfect investment for the smaller businesses and newbies in the investment market. Smaller projects get enough security here, and thus, people are investing in Polkadot more.

Dogecoin: If you are interested in meme coins, then this is one of the most popular meme coins available in the market. The dog Shiba Inu, popular as a meme on social media sites, is the face in front of this coin. In the past few months, this coin has seen a sky-high improvement in terms of its price.

This Crypto is in high demand now. Elon Musk’s SpaceX promoted this coin in the last few months, and they also accepted it as their payment, making it a popular coin. According to the developers of this coin, they created this as a joke, which turned out to be their life’s best work.

Litecoin: As the name suggests, the coin is almost similar in all aspects to Bitcoin, and it is just the lighter version of the most popular cryptocurrency out there.

Litecoin has a faster block generation rate than the popular Bitcoin, and thus, the transaction time is pretty less in this case. The transaction confirmation also comes very fast in this case. This coin is popular among merchants also. The merchants do not accept most other coins, but Litecoins are.


Several popular cryptos are available in the market that is in huge demand. If you are sincerely looking for some digital cryptos to invest in, we recommend you go for more than two options. Just divide your money and invest in three or more Cryptos to get the best out of all of them.

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