Types of Errors Detected by a Grammar Checker

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Grammar tops the list of factors you must be careful about while writing content. If your content features various grammatical mistakes, it will become frustrating for the targeted audience. Moreover, it will be challenging for them to understand its meaning. Eventually, they will give up the idea of writing it, and you will fail to make an impact through it.

Considering the aforementioned scenario, it is necessary to stay vigilant for grammar mistakes in the content and make it free of such errors to ensure its impeccability. While many people proofread their content to avoid such mistakes, this practice doesn’t always guarantee perfection. An average naked human eye will likely miss out on a few mistakes.

Considering this problem, taking advantage of advanced technology becomes essential. An AI grammar checker could be the perfect solution to overcome this issue. It will perform an in-depth analysis of the given content and find mistakes to highlight and rectify them. However, some people hesitate to use a grammar checker because they are unaware of its working style.

Most of them don’t know the types of mistakes detected by an advanced grammar checker. This article helps them understand the working methodology of a grammar checking tool in detail by outlining various types of mistakes detected and rectified by a grammar checker. It will also briefly discuss the benefits of using an advanced grammar checker. 

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Errors Detected by a Grammar Checker

As the name suggests, the primary job of a grammar checker is to detect, highlight, and rectify grammar mistakes. These mistakes may come in various forms. An advanced grammar checker like the one grammarchecker.com offers can help you detect and rectify various kinds of mistakes in the content. Here are a few types of mistakes you can detect and rectify when you check grammar using such a tool.

Subject-Verb Agreement Mistakes

Such a mistake happens when you fail to conjunct a subject with a fitting verb. Mostly, it happens when the writer fails to differentiate between singular and plural subjects and conjuncts them with the wrong verbs. A few examples of subject-verb agreement mistakes and their rectifications are given below.

  • Error: One of my friends likes to ride bikes.

Correction: One of my friends likes to ride bikes.

  • Error: Those people live next to me.

Correction: Those people live next to me.

An advanced grammar checker analyzes the content to detect such mistakes and highlights them for easier correction.

Active and Passive Voice Issues

In addition to subject-verb agreement mistakes, there could be various other issues with the content. A grammar checker can help you detect and rectify them easily without spending much time proofreading the content and rectifying issues. One of those issues is the active and passive voice usage problem. Generally, passive voice makes it difficult for readers to read content. It also leads to unnecessary length of sentences and drags in the content. Here are some examples.

  • Error: Finding the right clothes to wear was quite challenging for me.

Correction: It was quite difficult for me to find the right clothes to wear.

  • Error: The deer was killed by a hunter.

Correction: A hunter killed the deer.

Spelling Mistakes

While multiple mistakes happen during content writing, spelling mistakes are the most frequent ones. Even seasoned writers end up making such mistakes while writing content quickly. Generally, these mistakes happen while writing homophones. Homophones are words that sound similar but have pretty minor spelling differences. An advanced grammar checker like the one on grammarchecker.com uses NLP and AI to detect and rectify such mistakes. A few examples are given below.

  • Error: I failed to hear your voice on the call.

Correction: I failed to hear your voice on the call.

  • Error: I ran out of flowers while making dinner.

Correction: I ran out of flour while making dinner.

Punctuation Mistakes

Another type of mistake that is frequently made while writing content is punctuation. These mistakes could be further categorized into multiple types, like the wrong usage of apostrophes, failure to place periods or commas, and the wrong usage of punctuation. Such mistakes can change the tone of a sentence or phrase. Hence, it is necessary to keep an eye out for these mistakes and eradicate them to ensure quality content that is easily readable and understandable for the targeted audience. Some examples of punctuation mistakes are given below.

Error: It’s an independent entity.

Correction: It’s an independent entity.

Error: He was heading to the workshop, and he needed his bike fixed.

Correction: He was heading to the workshop, and he needed his bike fixed.

Error: He was trying to reach the office in time!

Correction: He was trying to reach the office in time.

Silly Wording Mistakes

People try to simplify language by using silly wording; such wording is pretty understandable when communicating your message verbally. However, using such wording in write-ups only makes it problematic for the targeted audience to understand the actual meaning. An advanced grammar checker detects silly word usage and eradicates it by rectifying it. Here are a few examples:

Error: He claimed his victory by shouting gotcha!

Correction: He claimed his victory by shouting, “Got you!”

Correction: He claimed his victory by shouting, “gotcha!”

A Brief Overview of Benefits of Using Grammar Checker

Writers can benefit from an advanced grammar checker in various ways. Here is how you can benefit from such a tool.

  • Save time by detecting and rectifying various mistakes quickly.
  • Avoid embarrassment by avoiding punctuation and grammatical mistakes.
  • Repair sentence structure easily.
  • Enhance writing skills.
  • Ensure easily readable and understandable content.

Putting it Together

Written content still holds significant importance in various fields, domains, industries, and landscapes. Quality content free of mistakes gets appreciation everywhere. Such content is only possible when you have proofread properly while keeping all grammar rules in mind. However, people don’t have much time or effort to proofread in-depth. 

A better way to cope with such a problem is to use an advanced grammar checker. This article sheds light on the working methodology of such a tool by outlining various mistakes detected and rectified by a grammar checker. It also discusses its benefits. Hopefully, you will find this article useful!