Types of rollers used in construction projects

Performing preparatory work for the construction of buildings or roads involves the use of a road roller. Special equipment allows you to level the surface, eliminate air pockets and remove any irregularities. Therefore, construction companies pay special attention to the selection of the appropriate road roller.

Common types of the road roller

The sealing technique is easy enough to use, but a right choice affects the quality of the work. To avoid problems during the search for models, it is worth familiarizing yourself with common types. In this way, a road roller buy for business can have the necessary properties. But first, you should study the peculiarities of the types:

  1. Cylindrical. Such rollers are suitable for work on small sites, and they are rarely used in construction.
  2. Lattice rollers. This type of machines is needed during road works, as well as for compaction of coarse-grained soils.
  3. Pneumatic. Such a road roller for sale is put up by sellers who offer to simplify the leveling of the roadbed.
  4. Rolling. The technique is indispensable when it comes to the arrangement of clay soils. Silted clay is easy to level with the use of rollers.
  5. Static. The small size of the roller allows the use of equipment in a limited space. They are not suitable for specialized works.
  6. Vibratory. Rollers are used for leveling a layer of crushed stone and gravel. Eliminating air pockets is the main advantage.

Each type of road roller is suitable for certain tasks, so it is worth taking this into account before buying equipment.

How to choose the right road roller

The choice of equipment is carried out taking into account a number of specific requirements. It is necessary to pay attention to the size of the site, as well as the type of soil. In addition, some rollers are used in combination with other auxiliary machines. To choose equipment, it is also worth getting acquainted with:

  • technical characteristics;
  • the area of use;
  • the type of surface of the roller.

There are several different options on the market. Road roller can be both flat and with protrusions. If such projects are rare, it is worth evaluating the advantages of renting equipment. The final decision depends on a number of requirements, so it is impossible to find a universal option.

Other machinery for leveling the surface

Road rollers are used more often than other types of equipment, but you can sometimes do without the oversized machine. Manual rollers allow you to level a small area with high efficiency. Vibratory plates are also indispensable when it comes to carrying out work in hard-to-reach places.


The comparison of requirements and technical characteristics will help to choose a road roller, price of which corresponds to the budget. A detailed description of the offers will allow you to get the missing information and decide on the best option.

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