Types Of Stainless Steel Work Tables: Choosing The Best Option

Modern stainless steel work tables are popular due to their versatile, comfortable, and ergonomic design, which helps to optimize the space of working zones in any commercial kitchen even in the tightest one. The open base model of a stainless steel work table is a highly demanded trend that has free space beneath, allowing to place ingredient bins.

Lack of drawers and shelves can be compensated by extra shelving, such as wall shelves or complete shelving kits. However, for those who look for well-built metal tables with extra accessories, there are such options as stainless steel work tables with drawers, under-shelves, or over-shelves for improving the storage capabilities of commercial spaces. Generally, there are dozens of equipment choices that increase functionality, add mobility, and promote a hygienic environment.

Why do stainless steel work tables predominate wooden models?

Food prep work table is the essential and the main type of equipment without which it will be hard to imagine a smooth kitchen operation. It should facilitate the fast work of staff. Thus, dimensions and design are selected depending on the size of the room, as well as on the goals that the foodservice business owner strives to achieve. But why exactly stainless steel kitchen work tables are that type of equipment that can perfectly match the needs and what about wooden working tops?

Wood is the most environmentally-friendly type of material. Food prep tables made of it have an attractive appearance and high strength. But at the same time, wood requires thorough care, which in the conditions of the commercial harsh cooking environment may not be functional enough for busy employees who need to implement lots of meal prep tasks daily. Maintenance for such tops can significantly slow down all the processes in the kitchen. Moreover, high humidity, temperature changes, and steam can significantly affect the wooden countertop. Therefore, for intensive use, it is still better to choose stainless steel work tables.

Things to be aware of when selecting stainless steel kitchen work tables

The stainless surface is not prone to destruction, it is resistant to humidity, temperature extremes, and does not absorb moisture, chemical compounds, and unpleasant odors. Here are the top three pros of steel tables:

Myriad of designs and styles

Models of different steel thicknesses (gauge) with wheels, adjustable legs, extra accessories, built-in-sinks are available on the market.

Unique outstanding features

Durability and external factors resistance are the main characteristics. When purchasing steel equipment, you can be sure that the products will last for a long time, delivering excellent quality. Moreover, bacteria, mold, and mildew won’t capture the surface.

Hassle-free cleaning

In order to keep the stainless steel surface attractive and shiny, basic maintenance rules must be followed. For daily washing, use soft sponges and wipes and avoid cleaning agents that contain chloride. You can apply baking soda, glass cleaner, or a solution of vinegar and water instead. The maintenance is simple and quick, will not affect the speed of staff performance, and it will be more straightforward to comply with the rules of hygiene and sanitation.

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