Types of Video That Your Business Should Use

Marketing for your business takes some dedication and expertise to ensure that you are targeting the right type of customer profile. Working out the best approach for your business marketing campaigns is important, as it can make or break your future success. Working with a video production company helps you find the right format of video for each given event or campaign. Let’s take a look at the different types of video that your business should be considering to make your marketing endeavours more effective.

Accoridng to Standby Productions, it doesn’t matter whether you work for a start-up company or a big brand with a far reach, video content is one of the best tools you can use to build long-term trust with your customers and to build your brand in an organic, honest way. If your video content is good, the viewers will come, and your leads and sales will rise with it.

Content marketing strategies

Video must be a central part of your content marketing campaigns in the modern age. Video marketing helps with search engine rankings for your business website, whilst a well-mannered, carefully curated content video that explains something or showcases your talent and expertise as an authority in your industry, all help to build trust with customers and future customers.

Videos for social media

There are so many different social media platforms and video content can be applied to all of them, with slightly different approaches needed for each. For instance, TikTok is a visual social media platform that often has viral trends, dances, and other challenges that brands have piggy-backed onto over the last few years. A TikTok video with your branded content or employees making a playful fool of themselves could be a winner. A Facebook live video, an Instagram story, or a YouTube tutorial. Each offer something a little different, widening the scope of social media videos as part of your video marketing campaigns.

Explain your products and services

Explainer videos are a simple tool. A video that explains something in a way that makes it concise, easy to follow, and engages with an audience. Businesses use explainer videos as part of a promotional campaign for new products and services, as well as using it as a tool to promote knowledge and show that you are experts at what you do.

Demo videos

If you have a new range of products and you want to show them off, a demo video is the perfect way to encapsulate what you are trying to sell. It is a great way to bridge that gap with potential customers, illustrating exactly how a product functions, explaining new technology or software, and explaining why it is an effective item that you must own. Demo videos can often be seen in a similar vein as testimonial videos or alongside written reviews of products, physically highlighting things that customers have said about your products and services.

Testimonial videos

A well-written testimonial has always gone a long way to promoting your products and services to a new audience. It is much like word of mouth, seeing what other customers have thought of a company before committing to a purchase. Video testimonials have changed the game, with a real-life customer being interviewed and talking straight into the camera – so, directly to a potential customer. These types of videos are designed to allow future customers to make genuine connections with what it would be like to be your customer and to own your products.

Instructional training videos

These types of videos can either be as another type of explainer video for external purposes, teaching viewers something about a particular product or service that you sell, expanding their knowledge and bringing authority to your brand. Alternatively, it could be that training videos are required for internal purposes. This might make things much easier for your staff if they have access to training videos that work through your internal processes, whilst adding to the brand culture you have created.

Find a video production company that understands the technique and skill to deliver high quality video for marketing purposes. Video can become an integral part of your marketing strategy, no matter what industry your business works within. There are so many different video formats to choose from, each suitable for specific industries, event types, and customer profile engagement. Your video production company will help you evaluate your strategy and work out the best approach for your marketing campaigns, showcasing the best of your ability and the products and services your company offers. From there you can target the right type of potential customer to engage with.

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