UFO with green lights flies over airliner Turkish pilots report

What looked like a UFO with a row of green lights flew over an airliner near Istanbul, a crew of Turkish pilots reported. According to the two pilots, the suspicious object was flying in a purposeful manner, meaning it was clearly not a meteor or piece of space junk reentering our atmosphere.

The unidentified flying object was observed flying around Silivri, a city in Istanbul Province along the Sea of Marmara in Turkey, just outside metropolitan Istanbul.

The aircraft, which was flying at an altitude of 5,100 metres (16,700 feet) on 19th May, had been coming from the western resort town of Bodrum when the UFO was sighted.

UFO TurkeyAccording to the two pilots, the UFO had green lights and flew a couple of thousand feet above their plane, and then vanished. (Image: Google Maps)

According to Hürriyet Daily News, the two pilots told the Air Traffic Control Centre at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul:

“An unidentified object with green lights passed 2 to 3,000 feet (600 to 900 meters) above us. Then it disappeared all of a sudden. We are guessing that it was a UFO.”

No UFO radar confirmation of UFO

About thirty minutes after the alleged sighting, the pilots landed the airliner at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

Turkey’s General Directorate of State Airports Authority said it had not observed any object on its radars which resembled anything like what the pilots had described.

Pilots flying planeUFO seekers say many pilots who see UFOs do not report them because they are worried about being labelled as crackpots. (Image: ufosightingsdaily.com)

Scott C. Waring, who runs the blog ufosightingsdaily.com, said of the incident:

“It’s great that pilots can come out and talk about what they saw in the sky. Many pilots are scared to talk about it due to ridicule and worry that their job security would be called into question.”

“You can’t get a more experienced expert on UFOs than a pilot himself, who flies daily and has to take care of his crew and passengers’ safety. A pilot’s testimony cannot be called into question.”

Since the turn of the century, the number of reported UFO sightings and alien encounters has increased dramatically, as have images of unidentified flying objects.

Alien enthusiasts are convinced this is because governments and space agencies across the world are unable to keep all the data secret, simply because there is so much now. Psychologists say the increased number of sightings coincide with the explosion in sci-fi movies and series that have hit our screens.

More people today have mobile phones with cameras installed compared to nearly two decades ago, which probably explains why there are more UFO images now.