UFO sighting in Argentina sent panicked family sprinting to their car

A UFO sighting in Argentina sent a panicked family, who claim it was a flying saucer just fifty metres away, sprinting to their car. As soon as they got in they locked the doors and sped off as fast as they could – they were so scared.

The family, who were at La Rinconada, near Junín de los Andes in the province of Neuquén, Argentina, said they had stopped to photograph some motorbikes they saw on a bridge.

The alleged UFO witnesses, who have not fully revealed who they are, are communicating what they saw and experienced through somebody calling herself Verónica (no surname or contact details).

UFO sighting in ArgentinaThis was the picture Verónica took of the bikers on the bridge. A UFO (she says a flying saucer) can be seen in the sky above them. (Image: www.lmneuquen.com)

Verónica says she was taking pictures of a group of bikers crossing the bridge when she suddenly saw a ‘bizarre object’ up in the sky.

She saw a flying saucer and screamed

Regarding the sighting, Verónica said:

“I screamed. Everyone looked and we saw it some 50 metres away, for an instant, just when I took the photo. After that, it was no longer there.”

She said they then ran to their car as fast as they could for safety. “We sped off immediately. We shut everything because it really frightened us,” she added.

UFO seekers and alien enthusiasts soon started giving their opinions as soon as Verónica posted details of her experience online. However, not everybody is convinced, even some so-called UFO experts.

Do UFO witnesses run off or stand mesmerized?

Scot C. Waring, who writes for UFO Sightings Daily, said he had a slight problem with Verónica’s description of events. He claims to have seen UFOs several times in his life, on one occasion with many soldiers in a parking lot.

Mr. Waring wrote:

“I have witnessed UFOs before, several times, once with dozens of soldiers in the parking lot. None of us panicked – none of us said ‘run!’ Usually people stare as long as possible, trying to understand what they are seeing.”

Readers and viewers responded to his comment either by agreeing with him or sympathizing with the family in Argentina.

One person wrote:

“The first time I saw a UFO I was with my boyfriend and I was scared! He wanted to stand there and stare at it, but the closer it got – I admit I was afraid.”

Another individual said that if he had seen a UFO so close in the sky he would have been ‘freaked out’ too.

Monkey on Mars?

Monkey on MarsThis photo sent to NASA from its robotic rover vehicle looks quite typical, until you zoom in and clearly see a Martian monkey, Mr. Waring claims. (Image: gigapan.com. You need to zoom in to see it)

Mr. Waring said that as he was searching through NASA photos of the surface of Mars sent from its robotic rover vehicles, he came across this one, which fascinated him when he zoomed in. “I found a monkey slumping as it sits on a stone along a hillside. Yeah…I don’t get it either. How is this possible?”

He is convinced a creature of some kind, some gorilla- or monkey-like animal is sitting on the hillside. He wonders why astrobiologists or zoologists aren’t looking into this.

Mr. Waring, who believes NASA is not telling us about a huge alien encounter on Mars, wrote:

“Overall there is a large amount of evidence that life once existed on Mars. With every bit of evidence I find, I lose more respect for NASA that I once had. Why hide the truth from the public, when they can take it well? NASA must have found something big, and useful on Mars to keep these smaller discoveries secret. Perhaps an abandoned base or spacecraft that they don’t want China to get their hands on.”

Over the past two years, the number of UFO sightings and alleged alien encounters has increased dramatically. Here is a list of some of them.

Video – Proof of life on Mars?

Just over one year ago, NASA’s Curiosity rover found potential evidence of former life on Mars. It has sent data back to Earth showing large methane spikes, which could be produced by live organisms.