UGears Models and Wooden Puzzle Kits

Board games and puzzle-assembling are some of the fun ways to spend your leisure time besides reading books and watching movies. Wooden puzzle kits with moving gears and rotating parts have become very popular in recent years. Such a mechanical puzzle is a fun and rewarding way to spend wonderful time with your family or friends.

UGears Mechanical Models – a Unique Phenomenon among Constructors and Toys

3D wooden puzzles for adults are a great way to relax. They will help you to relieve tension, improve mood and memory. The company that created the first mechanical wooden puzzles of its kind was UGears. What started as a startup has grown into a successful business with a huge team of inspired professionals — engineers, designers, carvers, and carpenters, capable of creating a real art in motion.

UGears models do not include batteries or cords. They work on their own. Each model of UGears 3D puzzles is made of high-quality natural wood and can be assembled without the use of glue or special tools. It was achieved through patented designs and specific laser-cut manufacturing. Puzzles are presented in different sizes and with a different number of pieces. They allow you to captivate people of all ages.

Production Features of UGears Wooden Puzzle Kits

UGears wooden model kits for adults include high-quality wooden parts cut from plywood boards using a precision laser method. All assembly steps are described in color schemes and detailed step-by-step instructions in 11 languages.

Each model of these 3D puzzles for adults and children (Hurdy-Gurdy, Hexapod Explorer, Aero Wall Clock, or Treasure Box) is the embodiment of simple engineering and mechanical principles that make modeling fun and educational game that delivers hours of pleasure.

UGears is a recognized leader in the production of the unique three-dimensional mechanical puzzles. These jigsaw puzzles are of the highest quality, reusable, and have a great unique design.