UK Tax Advisor to Make Your Job Easier

Filing your own tax in UK is not easy. It requires you to follow certain rules and regulations and often involves complex calculations. The method for filing tax may differ according to your profession but is usually not easy. It is thus advisable to take someone’s help while filing tax. You may hire a Tax Accountant UK for assistance. Additionally, you may also approach HMRC for queries and additional help. 


HMRC is the department of UK government in charge of collecting taxes, payment of state support and administration of regulatory regimes such as national minimum wage and national insurance numbers issuance.  

They have certain regulatory guidelines that need to be met for filing tax. They also help by answering your queries if contacted. You could contact them for many reasons such as not being able to pay tax bill within the deadline, discrepancies in tax decision, additional needs such as physical disability or inability to speak English. 

Failure to Pay Tax within Deadline  

If you miss the deadline for filing tax, there are various solutions which the HMRC might offer you. Firstly, you may take help of the ‘Time to Pay’ arrangement. This has to be done in agreement with HMRC. There is a provision to pay the amounts in smaller parts which is called ‘instalments’. In case both parties are unable to come to an agreement, you will have to pay the full amount. 

Disagreement with HMRC

In case of disagreement with HMRC, the taxpayer has an option to make an appeal with respect to any of the following:

  • Tax Bill (Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax)
  • Tax Relief Claim
  • Request for Information or Checking Business Records
  • Penalties

In case HMRC does not respond to the information provided by you, you have the right to cancel the tax payment. 

Additional Needs

For those with additional needs HMRC may also provide extra support. Following are the diseases or physical inabilities for which HMRC may provide support:

  • Dyslexia, Autism and Cognitive difficulties
  • Visual, hearing and speech-related disabilities 
  • Depression, stress, anxiety and other mental disorders
  • Financially distressed with lack of money
  • Victim of domestic or economical abuse
  • Hospitalization

There are different methods for availing HMRC assistance such as using textphone, BSL or webchat. You may also request for language if needed.

For any legal advice specific to your profession or help for filing tax, you may contact a UK Tax Advisor.

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