UK Used Car History Check Guidelines in 2023 – Don’t Miss Out!

Purchasing the right vehicle at a dealership doesn’t just happen by chance. You have to put in some work and be deliberate about making the best choices at any dealership, private sale, or online used car market. Buying a used car compared to a new one is a great way to save some money when the time comes to purchase a vehicle. However, without a UK used car history check, you just may end up with a vehicle that would lead to unnecessary repair costs in the future.

With a UK used car history check, you can learn the ins and outs of a used vehicle’s history and verify its condition and reliability before sealing a deal at any used car dealership. In this article, we will explain the basics of a used car history check in the UK and the best car history checks companies in the UK.

UK Used Car History Check

A UK used car history check is an easy method to gain access to vehicle information and the histories of several cars at dealerships and make the best decisions. With car report services in the UK, you can easily check your car’s MOT history, have a full vehicle history, discover previous keepers’ histories, and discover hidden records on your vehicle. Having full access to the history and records of the vehicles you are interested in helps you make the best decisions and seal the best deals. To get vehicle information, you would need to carry out a registration number check and generate a vehicle history report for your vehicle.

The registration number of your vehicle, or plate number, is an identifier that can be decoded by car history report providers to gain accurate vehicle history, records, and specifications.

Some of the details you can easily access after a full car history check in the UK include:

  • Previous keepers’ history
  • Plate information
  • Color information
  • Alerts
  • MOT history
  • Vehicle description
  • Vehicle performance
  • Mileage history, and more

With this information, car buyers can be sure to make the right choices among the vehicles in an inventory and purchase the right vehicles.

Why do I need a full car history check before a vehicle purchase in the UK?

There are several reasons why it is important to carry out a full car history check before striking a deal at any used car dealership in the UK. According to the RAC, over 52% of used cars in the UK have hidden histories and defects that the owners may not be aware of. A history check is the best way to confirm if the vehicle you are buying is in excellent condition or not.

Some of these reasons are:

To check if your vehicle has been clocked

Clocking is a term used to describe odometer fraud in vehicles. It is a process of reducing the vehicle’s mileage reading to make it appear as a good deal. According to cartell, over 2 million vehicles in the UK have been clocked with mileage readings that are lower than their actual readings. To easily determine your vehicle’s actual mileage reading and expose odometer fraud, you will need to carry out a UK-used car history check.

To check for vehicle defects

One quick tip to note if a vehicle has hidden defects is through its previous owner’s history. How? Here’s how. Take a good look at the previous keeper’s history and identify how long each keeper used the vehicle. If you notice that the vehicle was sold after a short period of time by each keeper, then there may be a hidden defect or damage that no one has been able to fix so far.

To confirm a vehicle’s overall condition

With knowledge of the vehicle’s history and records (auction history, previous owner history, alerts, MOT history, etc.), you can access the vehicle and determine its overall condition. This will prevent the purchase of damaged or defective vehicles and provide you with an opportunity to make an informed decision.

The UK’s best sites for used car checks

Purchasing a used car from a dealership? The easiest way to make the best decisions during the purchase is through a car history check. Some of the best sites to determine a vehicle’s history include:


The most recommended site to check your car’s history is SmartCarCheck. With the vehicle check tool provided by SmartCarCheck, car buyers in the UK can easily gain access to a full vehicle history report containing vital, concise, and clear information. SmartCarCheck provides:

  • Instant car checks with detailed information
  • Full action history with more than 10 photos
  • Car registration lookup
  • Detailed car history reports
  • 24/7 live chat support.

SmartCarCheck is a very useful tool for verifying the overall condition of a vehicle before purchase, and it provides extremely detailed information and concise reports. Some of the details found on a SmartCarCheck car history report include:

  • Vehicle specifications
  • Vehicle registration details
  • Auction records
  • MOT and tax dues
  • Exported
  • Mileage discrepancy
  • ULEZ compliance
  • Running costs
  • Vehicle performance
  • Fuel economy
  • C02 emissions
  • Safety Euro N cap
  • Mileage history
  • MOT history
  • Recalls
  • Vehicle log book details
  • Number of previous keepers
  • Number of plate changes
  • Color changes
  • SMMT details
  • Scrapped
  • Imported/Imported Non-EU
  • A certificate of destruction was issued.
  • Electric vehicle charging data

SmartCarCheck provides a means to verify your vehicle’s condition for prices starting as low as £4.99, This way, you get to avoid defective car purchases and make the best decisions at used car dealerships or sales.


CarVertical has access to a large number of databases and millions of records from government agencies, car manufacturers, and others. With these records, they can provide accurate vehicle information to car buyers on any vehicle they need to check in the UK. With CarVertical, you can:

  • Avoid common scams and frauds
  • Be sure of a vehicle’s safety
  • Bargain properly
  • Seal good deals

The information accessible with a CarVertical check includes:

  • Hidden damages
  • Previous keepers
  • Mileage information
  • Theft records
  • Common drawbacks and defects

For a price of £17.99, you can get a full car history report containing accurate mileage readings, theft and accident records, lien and loan records, vehicle usage and ownership history, maintenance records, damage records, and more.


MotorCheck is another car history report provider that delivers concise reports to consumers. Their services are also affordable at £9.99, although not as affordable as SmartCarCheck. A UK used car history check with MotorCheck provides a few details for free for consumers. For example, if you just need to confirm a vehicle’s engine size or color, you can use this free service.

After a full car history check with MotorCheck, you can expect to gain access to the following information:

  • Vehicle identity
  • Finance data
  • Mileage readings
  • Alerts
  • Car valuation data
  • Vehicle specifications
  • MOT information
  • Specifications and costs, and more


If you are interested in having some vehicle information for free, then you should take a look at the car history check tool provided by FullCarCheck. With the free check service, car buyers can gain easy access to:

  • Vehicle description
  • MOT and Tax information
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Mileage records
  • Safety recall notices
  • MOT history

You can also purchase a full vehicle history report for £3.99 for a standard check and £8.99 for a full check. With the full check, car buyers can get a £30,000 data guarantee and have peace of mind for future checks.


To round up our list of the UK’s best sites for used car checks, we have FreeCarCheck. FreeCarCheck, just as the name implies, provides a free UK used car history check. However, they encourage consumers to upgrade to get a premium report for £9.95. With a free check with FreeCarCheck, car buyers can get instant access to a picture of the vehicle they are interested in:

  • Vehicle specifications
  • Mileage information
  • EU Emissions label

There are several reasons why it is important to generate a car history report before sealing the deal with a seller or dealership in the UK. Without proper vehicle history and information, you just may end up with a damaged, defective, or even stolen vehicle. To be on the safe side, ensure to check your vehicle with a concise car history check tool, such as SmartCarCheck’s car history check tool, and generate a detailed car history report.

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