Ultimate Guide to Customized Designer Sofas

When it comes to buying in furniture the first thought is usually to hit a name-brand store and pick up whatever is currently being sold. With technology evolving, so are furniture companies. Some furniture companies will offer an online catalog of their products and others will even let you customize the furniture. If you want something original that you can customize to suit you and your family, then keep reading.

Custom Sofas Online

Yes, that’s right you can not only order furniture online but you can customize your own sofas online. Many websites such as Clad Home offer this service.

These websites offer an easy process to customize and purchasing it. Most will be able to offer a wide variety of affordable, functional, and high-quality sofas.

Here is a quick look at how the custom furniture process may be:

  1. Selecting a sofa – What is that you need at home? How much space do you have?
  2. Choosing the type of sofa you want – this refers to left or right chaise, long backs, and more.
  3. Selecting the type of fabric – Keep in mind if you have children or pets you may want to choose something easy to clean.
  4. Size – Check your space measurements. Will the one you chose fit?
  5. Cushion Type – Type of cushions and colors.
  6. Filling – Do you prefer soft or hard sofas?
  7. Optional Sleeper – When looking at this option consider the filling material again.
  8. Matching Ottomans – Make the best and an ottoman that matches.
  9. Leg Style
  10. Leg finish

Once selected you simply place your order and your local furniture piece is delivered to your door!

Art Pieces

You can DIY your own art or have a piece commissioned by local artists for less money than you think. This will give you a fully-customized and original art piece that no one else has. If you want to try it yourself, you can check out the latest trend, watch DIYers on YouTube, or let your surroundings inspire you.

Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration – check out art trends for 2020 or trends in textiles, colors, and shapes to create your unique art pieces for your home. You can also find local art students and commission a piece. This is so fun as you can tell them your design colors and personal style and let them create a piece that is inspired by you.

Lighting Options

It is so easy to create your own lighting thanks to local stores that sell lighting kits. On-trend right now are natural fiber hanging pendant lights such as wicker and rattan.

To create these expensive lighting options for less pick up a hanging light kit, these should be around fifteen dollars or less. Then go to your favorite local thrift store and scour the basket section. Choose a well-made wicker piece and create a hole in the bottom. Then feed the light kit and hang on your ceiling. No electrician needed.

If you prefer floor lamps you can repeat the above steps and choose a basket with a floor lamp kit or pick a table lamp kit and select a beautiful pottery piece. This may require some tooling but is still very simple and inexpensive.

Last, but not least, you can pick up a vintage lamp at a local estate sale and make it your own using metallic spray paint or the current trend of a matte black finish.

Wrap Up

For 2020 don’t be standard think outside of the box and choose a customized look for your home. Make all your friend and family beg you for where you got your customized furniture, art, and lighting. They will be shocked to find out you didn’t have to spend a fortune to get something truly unique!

Video – What is Customization?

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