Why Ultrasonic Cleaning is Essential for the Automotive Sector

Ultrasonic cleaning automotive sector 23222Ultrasonic cleaning has played a vital role in different sectors for years, namely the industrial sector, the oil and gas sector, the aerospace sector, the precision engineering sector, and, of course, the automotive sector. But it can easily be said that it’s the automotive sector which benefits greatly from ultrasonic cleaning in both the big companies and small business endeavours, whether you’re involved in the manufacture of automobiles or you are running a small garage and repair and maintenance service.

The truth of the matter is that with the right ultrasonic cleaner and the right ultrasonic cleaning solution, ultrasonic cleaning is incredibly effective. It’s an intense kind of cleaning which you can make use of not just for the cleaning of tools but also for various equipment, big and small. In the automotive industry, ultrasonic cleaning has been used in manufacturing as well as assembly, production, repair, maintenance, and more.

The best thing about ultrasonic cleaning is perhaps the fact that it will not damage lightweight or intricate specs and equipment, unlike other cleaning methods or chemicals. If you want to fully understand the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning, here’s why ultrasonic cleaning is essential for the automotive sector.

How it works and what it can do

Ultrasonic cleaners work by thoroughly removing grease, carbon deposits, and different types of contaminants and dirt from parts such as motorcycle engines, carburettors, cylinder blocks, exhaust manifolds, cylinders, and a lot more. You can also make use of ultrasonic cleaners for smaller elements or parts like screws, plugs, fixtures, and bolts.

Ultrasonic cleaning involves the use of high-frequency sound waves, as this can create millions of microscopic bubbles. The bubbles can expand and collapse, and when these bubbles collapse, they can release a vast amount of energy, which then creates an extremely effective ‘scrubbing’ process, especially for surfaces and crevices.

The dirt which has built up can then loosen and be entirely removed. Since the bubbles are tiny, they can easily penetrate the smallest holes and crevices, and this is referred to as ‘cavitation’, which happens thousands of times for each second, producing dirt-free and thoroughly clean parts.

How it is used

An ultrasonic cleaning service such as that provided by www.sonicsolutionsltd.com can be used for the cleaning as well as the removal of carbon deposits, oil, grease, and dirt from automotive parts, but also for marine parts, aircraft parts, and so on. But not only does ultrasonic cleaning remove the above – it can also tackle the removal of paint, lubricants, and rust, and you can use it for the safe cleaning of aluminium parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning can also clean parts that can be quite sensitive, such as plastic and wiring, without any damage whatsoever.

And since all these parts can be thoroughly cleaned by the ultrasonic cleaning process, they can then continue to work as effectively as possible – well outlasting any parts which may not benefit from the cleaning method and process of ultrasonic cleaners.

Also, with ultrasonic cleaning, you don’t need to spend as much time cleaning equipment and parts manually – it can be done in the shortest period of time, with a lot less effort on your part.


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