Understanding the Services of SERP API

Understanding what SERP API is and what it does, it would be a good idea to get a thorough understanding of the basics. Read on for more information.

SERP APISearch Engine Results Page

The Search Engine Results Page, abbreviated as SERP, are the pages displayed by the search engine because of query searcher. Technological advancement is bringing a variety of changes. One of these changes is search engines. When searching for a particular keyword and hitting search, you will encounter a list of results. Web Pages are designed for human-end users; however, through web scraping services extracting useful data from a website is possible. It is important to know the related legalities as web scraping could be against the terms of use of a website.

Using ethical and legal means is the best practice. Search Engine Results Page display information according to the keyword used and various other factors. Over the years, there has been a change in the way search engines display information. Now, the content, which is rich in context and provides useful information to the audience, ranks higher. For some companies, ranking higher in the search results in the main goal of getting more traffic on their relevant websites.


Search engines display results in response to a keyword query. For example, if you are trying to search for the best coffee shop in your area, “coffee shop” is the keyword, you will type in the search box. The pages displayed because of this search will fall under SERP. The target of any company, individual, firm, or organization belonging to the era of modernization and information technology is to rank higher on these SERP Pages as people open the first few links of the searched query. However, you will notice advertisements in the search results. It is important to use the correct keyword for obtaining the desired results.

Types of Results

Results are a response of query and include a title, small description with the keyword, and a link to the Web Page. The results are important as they provide the required information to the searcher.

On the SERP, search results fall under two categories:

Organic Search: It appears because of the algorithm of the search engine.

Sponsored Search: The advertisement you see on the SERP fall under the category of sponsored search.

A single search query results in several responses in the form of various pages, as there are many items to display for a particular search. The content, which is most relevant and rich in context, ranks higher in the results. All subsequent pages are less related to the query. A user is likely to open the links, which are on the first page as you can see from the results that there are many pages for a simple query. It means that there is tons of information available online for a single query but you will like to see the one, which is most relevant to your needs.

Search Engines

Users make search queries on search engines. According to eMarketer, a research firm, by 2019, Google is expected to hold 80% of the ad share market. Google is the most famous search engine among the people of the modern age. Others are Yahoo, Bing, and there are many more. The results displayed by each are different, but according to a study, 97% of the queries result, displayed by Google comprises a rich feature.

User Search String

We commonly know it as the search query. A typical user will add a query in the form of words on the search engine bar. All search engines have a search bar for entering this query. The goal of any company is to deliver the utmost level of customer satisfaction, which is why filler words are no longer useful. A typical consumer is seeking the most relevant content.

Knowledge Graph

A knowledge graph is an infobox, which assists the user to get relevant and required information. A user could see that Google and other search engines are displaying rich information sources. It is on the right side. It is great for getting information on the products as it displays all the important information at one place in the form of a box.

Now that you have a basic understanding of all the important terms and know of the terms. Let’s understand the SERP API.

What is SERP API?

Google SERP API: SERP API can extract, scrape, and make sense of answer boxes of several kinds. The /search API endpoint allows scraping results from the Google search engine using the SERP API service. Parameters related to Search Query, Geographic Location, Localization, Search Type, and many more would be scraped through SERP API. It would also scrape results for the Google Images and Knowledge Graph. It also makes sense of the information relevant to the local pack. Similarly, it would scrape, extract, and make sense of the information displayed through the organic results.

Baidu SERP API: Using the SERP API service it is possible to scrape results from the Baidu search engine.

Bing SERP API: SERP API scrape results from the Bing search engine.

Apart from this, SERP API would provide relevant information on the number of searches you made this month, Serp API supported locations, and search archive API.

Final Words

Technological advancement has made this world a global village. The goal of every company and individual is to strive for the best and become better. The goal is customer satisfaction, which is why companies and individuals want to gather as much information as possible. No matter what, it is advised to collect all the relevant and required information through ethical and legal means. Sometimes all such information is overwhelming and although it is for human use; it becomes a little tough. It is when services like Serp API come into play.