Understanding Site Cabin vs Welfare Unit

One question that companies like SRP Hire Solutions are often asked is what is the difference between site cabins and welfare units, and which one will I need for my construction site?

Whilst both of these types of units may very well look similar from the outside, and they both offer warmth and shelter, they are in fact rather different inside. In fact, both serve a very different function. If you are looking to hire a mobile unit for your site but are really not sure which will be the best option for you then read on. Below, we look at what both types of units are used for, and what the ideal set up for any construction site should be.

What is a site cabin?

A site cabin is an easily adaptable unit that can be placed on your site. These units can be stacked when necessary, depending on the requirements of your space and workforce. They come in a range of different sizes and are highly versatile. Whilst they can be provided as a basic empty shell they can also be fitted with rudimentary facilities; things like taps, microwaves, and kettles, to allow for basic food preparation to take place on site. This allows your employees somewhere to take a break and more importantly, particularly during the cold weather, somewhere that they can grab a warm drink and a meal to help keep them going.

They can also be supplied with internal dividers that will allow you to use them for a number of different things at the same time. This might be drying room facilities for wet clothing overnight, storage for the tools and equipment that you don’t want to take off site or even as site offices for site management and administration purposes.

What is a welfare unit?

A welfare unit as the name suggests is one that is specifically equipped with the welfare of site staff in mind. These units are supplied with specific areas already laid out. They will include toilet facilities and hot water so that employees can have access to the basics as building sites are often not close to any facilities of this type. They will also house a canteen area with all of the necessary equipment to allow employees to take the appropriate breaks and have a meal or hot drink. Work on a construction site is strenuous and regular breaks are vital for the health and safety of all workers. They allow them to have a meal break, recharge their batteries and get warm. These are all things that can help them to stay alert when they are doing their job and help to reduce the risk of onsite accidents that have the potential to cause injury either to themselves or one of their co-workers.

Which of these do I need on my site?

Whilst it isn’t actually essential to have administrative staff on site it can be incredibly useful. They are often needed to chase up things like supplies and removal services and having them close by can really speed up the process of getting things done. The services that are provided by a welfare unit are, however, really important for the wellbeing of everyone on site. If you only have a smaller site, it may be possible to find a space for your site manager in the welfare unit.

In an ideal world it is well worth the investment of having both a site cabin and a welfare unit on site to offer maximum efficiency and facilities to your staff. This will give you plenty of space for everyone as well as secure storage and drying space.

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