Uninterrupted Sports Odds Data Feed for Bookies Business

The name expresses the way it works. With this feature, your players will be able to place bets on sports events as they happen. It only became a normal thing in recent times, and such was not possible in the past. It has always been that players will place their bet before the match and know whether they win or lose their bet after the match. As a sportsbook investor, in setting up your betting site, one of the features you will definitely need to include is the odds data feed.

Tables have turned now. Players are now attracted to bookies that have a wide range of live bets. Practically, a player whose bet is going well can decide to place more bets on such a selection, while a player on the other side can counter his bet. This article is aimed at broadening your knowledge on Live bets in sportsbook investors.

The Live Bet System

In modern times, the in-play feature has emerged to be one other most necessary in sportsbooks. As an investor, you should make sure this is always available on your site. Bets are available on live events as they happen across the globe. Line in play should not be limited to any time of the day. Customers should have access to this feature 24/7.

Virtually, Live bets are often available in football and tennis games on most sportsbooks. However, it will make a lot of sense if you push to make the feature available for games like volleyball, golf, rugby, table tennis, cricket, and other interesting sports.

How Live Betting Odds Work

Players should have access to live to bet once they sign up on your site. You can also how about creating an app for players if you feel the need to. Nonetheless, they must be able to place bets on live games as they happen.

The Live game page is always the home page of the most successful sports book. Players can easily navigate to their favorite sport and predict their preferred outcome. They should also be able to flag their favorite events.

Here is a perfect example of how the In-play market works. In a match between Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur. At the beginning of the match, Chelsea, who is the favorite to win, will be 2.05, the draw at 4.00 while Tottenham gets 3.65. Right from the time the referee blows the kickoff whistle, the odds will begin to decrease and increase.

Practically, if no goal comes up in the match in the opening 15 minutes, Chelsea’s winning odds will increase to 2.40, and Tottenham’s will move to 4.00. At this point, the game is still a draw. With this becoming likely, the draw odds will drop to 3.30.

Live bets are very interesting; your potential customers who are watching the match despite the fact that the match is a goalless draw might be thrilled by the way Tottenham is playing and be willing to wager their money on them. This means you do not only generate your income before the match but also during the match.

However, some players who do not have access to these games should also be able to know what’s going on on your site. You should make reservations for a Live stream of major events on your sports book. This should also be backed up with real-time statistics because players that have limited access to the internet.

If either of the teams is yet to make the back of the net before the end of the first half of the game, the odds of any of them winning (1/2) market is bound to rise to 3.60 and 6.50, respectively. At this point, a draw is very close; this will make the odds be around 1.85.

Eventually, if a goal surfaces in the match at around the 70th minute, if this goal is scored by Chelsea, Their winning odds are bound to go down as the match is running to and. Chelsea will now be at 1.20 while Tottenham will be around 40.00. This is so because it is now unlikely that Tottenham is going to win the match. That the match will also end in a draw will have it odd at 7.00 at this time. This continues, the odds change, and your players make their predictions till the match comes to an end. The happenings in the match will have a direct effect on the odds.


Every business-minded sports book investor should be keen on perfecting their live bet section. Apart from the fact that it helps generate more income for the business, a site that enables uninterrupted feeds will attract more Players. Your betting site should be able to quickly make the happenings in a match reflect the odds for players to wager.

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