3 Unique Business Ideas Using Plastic Floating Docks

Plastic floating docks offer near-infinite business possibilities for entrepreneurs with a vision. Even something as simple as a jet ski floating dock can generate income. You just need the right business idea and to know your target demographic.

Take the concept of a custom dock, for example. It can add to the charm and prestige of owning a boat, thus increasing its value. Floating platforms that can hold concert stages can be rented out for events or exclusive use. What about selling actual man-made islands that you can build houses on?

The opportunities are right there. You just need to take them.

Custom Docks

Most boat docks are boring. They are either simple planks of wood or plain sheds. Not exactly exciting homes for water transports that likely cost a lot of money.

This is where custom docks come in. The idea is quite simple.

You offer to build beautiful, exquisite, and unique docks for customers with small to medium vessels. These can either be jetskis, speedboats, or sailboats.

As for the features, you have the standard spot for docking vessels. But you cordon it off for safety, build struts for support, and even a second floor. The modular nature of these docks can accommodate these types of custom jobs.


This way, the boat can still be on full display, is safe from theft, and even allows you to relax right on top of it.

The great thing about this idea is that it can enhance the pride and pleasure that boat owners feel. Having a boat itself is already a mark of privilege. But an expensive boat that is kept in a stylish dock? One that has a veranda?

That’s the kind of display that’s worthy of envy from others. Which is part of what owning a boat is about, in the first place.

Floating Rentable Platforms

People love partying around bodies of water. On many occasions, there have been concerts and performances on beaches. But for really special events, artificial platforms are used to set up a stage.

Plastic floating docks are perfect for these types of things. They can be reinforced and expanded as much as needed. This allows them to be stable, sturdy, and customizable.

Renting these platforms to performance companies or events coordinators would bring in a lot of money. If you are located in areas where wealth and younger age demographics are concentrated, the cashflow is sure to keep flowing.

Aside from setting up stages, floating platforms can also be used to build stands on the water. These would be perfect for spectating watersports, water races, and other such events.

Floating platforms can even be used for building artificial camping and dining grounds in the middle of a body of water.

Imagine hosting cooking shows right in the center of a lake. It would make for quite the spectacle and could even lead to more exposure for your business.

Artificial Island

Then there is the unique idea of building artificial islands to be sold to interested customers. The target of this kind of product would be those who want to live off the grid. Or affluent individuals who want their own piece of floating property that can be moved around.

The concept of an artificial island is not new. There are many examples of this now. In some cases, the base is made out of discarded plastic bottles. Others have more specialized materials that you can get from FRP manufacturers.

In many examples, artificial islands basically became floating homes. They sport houses, gardens, and in some cases, helipads.

Floating islands can become the ultimate form of residential mobility. Owners will not be stuck in just one place. Depending on the region, the island can even be moved around.


This idea is also similar to proposed floating cities but on a smaller scale. If the buyers want to, they can even connect their islands to others. This would then create a community of floating properties.

The best part about this proposal is the modular nature of the floating docks. Adding more pieces is easy, which then gives owners more square space to work with. On land, space is limited and expensive. With a floating island, there are not as many restrictions.

Coupled with the freedom, isolation, and peace that comes with the purchase, this offer can be attractive to many people. You can also offer these artificial islands as basic platforms or as custom-designed properties.

Make them pretty enough and you would be drowning in orders.


There is a lot of potential in plastic floating docks, both for personal use and business. The possibilities are only limited by imagination. Look at it from different angles and do research on what needs are not being met. The examples discussed here are only a few of the many options that are available.