Unique proposal ideas to propose to your girl!

So, you have found the love of your life. Congratulations! Now is the time to get on one keen and propose to them for marriage. While there are many ways through which you can propose to your partner, you should choose the one that you think they will like the most. Like every girl, her likes and dislikes are also different. While one girl may like a simple proposal where her man gets down on one knee in front of her, another may be a fan of extravagant proposals, like something in a football stadium. With the time you spent with your girl, you would have known about her likes and dislikes and tastes, or maybe she might have given hints about what she wants her dream proposal to be like. Below is a list of some proposal ideas that will make your girl feel special and make the moment memorable for both of you.

Hire a personal chef

While nothing can be better than you are preparing a delicious meal for your girl and you are proposing to her while you both are enjoying the meal, unfortunately, not everybody is a good cook. If you are someone who cannot cook to save their life and, on the other hand, your girl is a big foodie, then you can hire a personal chef for your date. This chef will prepare your girl’s favorite dish, and the ring will be hidden in one meal. Hiring a chef will be much more intimate and personal than pulling this stunt in a crowded restaurant.

Decorate your room

If your girl loves simple things, decorate the room with balloons and her favorite decoration items. To make the proposal much more sentimental, you can also fill in some of your old photos in the room. These photos will transport you back to happy, carefree times. To add an element of surprise, it would be best if you could book a hotel room.

Propose in a concert

If your girl does not shy away from public proposals and always complains when she sees a romantic proposal online, it may be time to give her the proposal of her dreams. Take to the concert of her favorite music artist and try to take permission from the venue manager beforehand. Connect with the artists’ team and find out if they would stop the concert in between and call your girl on the stage. Most artists would be happy to do it, and that too for free. If you can pull it off, this would be one of the best days of your girl’s life, and you will see that she could not thank you enough.

No matter what method you propose to your girl, it would help if you did it with a necklace with picture inside instead of the so common ring. This necklace can have an engraved photo of both of you, which would make it special. So get ready to get your girl!

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