Unlocking the Real Estate Investment Potential: Condo Townhouses as a Wise Choice


When it comes to real estate investment, condo townhouses are often perceived as a second-tier opportunity due to their additional maintenance fees. Many investors believe that these fees are on an incessant upward trajectory with no apparent means of control. However, the reality is that investing in condo townhouses can offer numerous advantages, particularly from a Return on Investment (ROI) perspective. Not only are condo townhouses more affordable than freehold townhouses, but they also command comparable rental rates. What’s more, the notion that condo townhouse maintenance fees are perpetually increasing is not always accurate. Here’s an illustrative example of condo townhouse owners in a Markham neighborhood successfully reducing their condo maintenance fees through a strategic approach.

The Condo Fee Conundrum:

Condo townhouses have long carried the stigma of escalating maintenance fees, leading many investors to overlook their potential. The perception that these fees are an uncontrollable financial burden has deterred some from exploring the benefits of condo townhouse investments. However, this perspective fails to recognize the promising ROI that condo townhouses can offer.


One of the most compelling aspects of investing in condo townhouses is their affordability compared to freehold townhouses. These properties provide a more accessible entry point for investors looking to enter the real estate market. The relatively lower acquisition costs can translate into a higher ROI over time, making condo townhouses an attractive choice for investors seeking value.

Comparable Rental Income:

Another notable advantage of condo townhouses is their rental income potential. While they come with maintenance fees, these fees are often offset by the rental rates that condo townhouses can command. In many cases, the rental income generated by condo townhouses is on par with that of their freehold counterparts. This equilibrium between costs and income makes condo townhouses a lucrative investment option.

Busting the Myth: Condo Fees Can Decrease:

Contrary to the prevailing belief that condo townhouse maintenance fees are always on the rise, there are instances where proactive measures can lead to fee reductions. Consider the case of a Markham neighborhood where condo townhouse owners successfully lowered their maintenance fees through a strategic approach.

An Inspirational Example:

In this Markham community in Ontario Canada, condo townhouse residents faced an upward trend in maintenance fees, a common challenge in many such neighborhoods. Frustrated by the seemingly unstoppable increase in fees, a group of homeowners decided to take action.

Strategic Approach:

Led by a dedicated Markham real estate agent, Alan Zheng, this group embarked on a comprehensive financial investigation to identify the factors driving the fee increases. Their research revealed that water and insurance costs had significantly spiked over the past two years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when more residents were staying at home.

Empowering Change:

Armed with this knowledge, Alan Zheng’s team proposed a pivotal change – to amend the condo bylaws and exclude water costs from the common fees. Instead, individual families would be responsible for their water bills. This proposal garnered initial skepticism but, through community outreach and education, they secured the majority’s support.

The Remarkable Outcome:

As a result of this collective effort, maintenance fees for condo townhouses in the Markham neighborhood dropped from nearly $300 per month to a much more affordable $185 per month. This remarkable reduction not only relieved immediate financial stress but also significantly enhanced the overall property values, debunking the misconception that condo fees only increase.

Conclusion: A Wise Investment Choice:

The story of this Markham neighborhood serves as a compelling reminder that condo townhouses are a viable and potentially lucrative real estate investment. While the perception of soaring condo fees may deter some investors, the reality is that condo townhouses offer a cost-effective and income-generating opportunity. This success story underscores the potential for proactive measures to lower maintenance fees, ultimately enhancing the ROI and affirming condo townhouses as a wise investment choice.