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Unusual Whales provides real-time tracking of completed options trades, live feeds, research tools, and screeners to help you make the most of the options market. This innovative platform for retail traders looking to step up their game has all the data and analysis you need to spot opportunities and gain an edge.

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What is Unusual Whales?

Unusual Whales is a unique options trading platform that helps you track unusual options activity to find profitable trade ideas. Developed by traders for traders, Unusual Whales offers:

  • Live feeds of large, unusual options orders (the “whales”)
  • Alerts when big orders come through
  • Research tools like screeners, calculators, and scanners
  • A community to discuss trade ideas and strategies

Whether you’re new to options trading or a seasoned pro, Unusual Whales has tools for traders of any experience level. The platform gives retail traders access to information that was once only available to professionals.

By following the flow of big money, you can position yourself to benefit from unusual market moves. Unusual Whales puts the power of information in your hands so you can make smarter trading decisions.

How Does Unusual Whales Work?

Unusual Whales monitors the options market for spikes in volume and activity that could signal “smart money” moves. When their algorithms detect unusual flow, they notify traders through:

  • Web and mobile app alerts
  • Twitter and Discord
  • Email newsletters

With a Unusual Whales subscription, you get access to their live data and tools to analyze the flow of options and see the trades that institutions and “whales” are making. Their platform lets you filter for strategies, track historical flow, see live charts and stats, and more. By following the smart money, you get an inside look at what the “whales” may know before the rest of the market.

Unusual Whales Features

Unusual Whales is packed with useful features for options traders looking to gain an edge.

  • Options flow: Unusual Whales tracks the flow of options traders, allowing you to see the moves of “whales”—big, smart money—so you can try to capitalize on the momentum.
  • Interactive charting: Advanced live charts and tools help you analyze different options plays. View historical and live options flow data directly on charts.
  • Options profit calculator: Calculate the potential profit of your options strategies before placing a trade. Built-in calculators include spreads, condors, and calendars. See the best trading ideas based on order flow.
  • Alerts: Set custom alerts to get push notifications on your phone for anything from unusual options activity to price breakouts. Never miss an opportunity again.
  • Politician tracker: Exploit a controversial aspect of U.S. policy and see what trades members of Congress are making. Track their investments so you can try to profit from their moves.

With features tailored to boost your options trading, Unusual Whales gives you what you need to gain an edge in the market. Take advantage of the tools and data to make more informed decisions and potentially bigger gains.

Unusual Whales Pricing & Plans

Unusual Whales only offers two straightforward plans. The free plan gives you access to basic whale-watching tools and resources to get started. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll probably want to upgrade to the paid plan for the best experience.

For $48/month or $528/year, pricier than TC2000 but cheaper than Cheddar Flow, the paid plan unlocks premium features like advanced charting tools, trading strategy ideas, and a community forum. By paying for an annual subscription, you’ll save 8% off the monthly price. Every little bit helps, right?

You can also use the code “modestmoney” to take another 5% off your first year. Overall, that’s nearly a 15% discount from the monthly rate. Not too shabby! The paid plan is the way to go if you want to take your whale watching and trading to the next level.

Overview of Unusual Whales

Unusual Whales is a unique options trading platform providing real-time data on options trades across all U.S. exchanges. This gives options traders valuable insights into the options market that they can use to make more informed trading decisions.

While other options flow platforms exist, Unusual Whales stands out for its comprehensive set of tools and resources. Overall, Unusual Whales is worth checking out if you’re looking for an options trading platform with powerful options flow data and analysis.

You can save 5% on Unusual Whales using the promo code “modestmoney.” Click here to sign up and see if Unusual Whales is the right options trading platform for you.

To save on your Unusual Whales subscription, use the coupon code “modestmoney” to get 5% off. This innovative platform provides a comprehensive insight into options trading and real-time tracking of every trade on major U.S. exchanges.