Unusual Whales Review 2023: Is It Actually Legit?

Unusual Whales is a platform that caters to traders interested in tracking unusual options activity. By monitoring and analyzing options activity, traders can identify potential opportunities to make profitable trades. 

Unusual Whales offers a vast array of features, including live feeds, alerts, research, calculators, and screeners, making it a unique and valuable resource for traders. In this Unusual Whales review, we’ll take a deep look into this platform, examining its key features and benefits. So read on to learn all about this powerful options order flow platform and how it can help you level up your trading.

What Is Unusual Whales?

Only founded in 2020, Unusual Whales is a relatively new options order flow platform. Its primary goal is to provide traders with more comprehensive access to options orders. The platform offers real time data in comprehensive feeds. This allows users to follow the flow of options orders and spot opportunities. What sets Unusual Whales apart from other similar platforms is its extensive range of tools and features, which are available on both its web platform and mobile app.

Unusual Whales Features

  • Options flow: Traders can use the platform to find momentum by identifying big-money moves or “whales.” The free version comes with limited flow and options data, while the paid membership provides data for every options order completed on U.S. exchanges.
  • Options profit calculator: Unusual Whales offers a profit calculator with built in strategies.
  • Alerts: Users can set up custom alerts to receive handy push notifications based on their own criteria.
  • Community: There is a large and active community on Unusual Whales and its Discord. This community facilitates exchange of ideas and serves as a way to crowdsource strategies.
  • Politician tracker: Unusual Whales features a “Politics” tab that allows users to track trades recorded by U.S. congresspeople. This is a great way to capitalize on the legal, insider trading allowed by politicians.
  • Dark pool feed: Unusual Whales also tracks dark pool options trading activity, and users can filter the feed by ticker, premium range, and trade size.
  • Options analysis: Unusual Whales provides a wealth of analysis tools, including customizable charts, a technical chart from TradingView, day-by-day summaries of call and put prices, and current options chains.

Unusual Whales Pricing

Unusual Whales has a simple pricing structure, with only one paid plan offered alongside a limited free plan. As you might guess, the free plan is available at no cost, but those who opt for the paid plan will pay $48 per month or $528 per year. Users who choose to pay for the entire year upfront can save 8% on their subscription.

Unusual Whales Review: The Pros & Cons


  • Real-time tracking of every single completed options trade on U.S. exchanges
  • Access to an active and engaged community.
  • Designed by retail traders, which means the platform is tailored to meet the needs of this specific audience.
  • Includes a politician trading tracker, which can be helpful for those who want to stay informed on the trading activities of political figures.
  • Offers a mobile app, providing traders with flexibility and the ability to monitor trades while on the go.


  • Only one subscription option is available, limiting flexibility for traders who may want more or fewer features.
  • No free trial of paid plans is offered, which could make it challenging for new traders to determine if the platform is the right fit for them.
  • The free plan is quite limited.

Unusual Whales Alternatives

Unusual Whales is a great tool that can be used to spot opportunities in real time. For a more comprehensive approach to trading, you should be using it in tandem with other tools out there. One such tool is Rockwell Trading and their PowerX software. 

Rockwell trading also offers a vibrant community to bounce ideas off and coaching programs for those wanting to take their trading to the next level. Check out this Rockwell Trading Review to learn more. 

If you are an options trader, there are a few other platforms that are worth investigating before you decide on which one to go with. If you like short term options trades on momentum plays, you should look into this Options Pop review

If you are serious about options trading and have a decent amount of money ($999 per year) to invest in your learning, the trusted Motley Fool Options is a service worth considering. You can read more right here in this Motley Fool Options Review

Is Unusual Whales Right For You?

When it comes to options trading, having access to real-time information on every single options trade, across all U.S. exchanges, can be a game changer. And that’s exactly what Unusual Whales offers. But is it the right platform for you?

For experienced options traders who can interpret and capitalize on order flow information, Unusual Whales is a comprehensive platform with robust tools. However, it doesn’t provide much guidance, so traders need to know how to make that information actionable.

Of course, Unusual Whales isn’t for everyone. Those who prefer specific options trading alerts may prefer a service like Motley Fool Options. However, if you want to take your options trading to the next level, Unusual Whales is definitely worth considering.

So why not check it out for yourself? Click here to see if Unusual Whales is the right platform for you.