What the US Betting Operations Can Learn from the UK

It has been over two years since the Supreme Court of the United States has stricken down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or the PASPA 1992. It was in May 2018 when PASPA was no longer in effect, and that made sports betting federally legal in the United States.

US Betting Operations Can Learn from the UK
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Legalized sports betting operations

Since then, many states have already started to look into sports betting, and currently, there are now over 20 states with legalized sports betting operations. The majority of these states have also already launched it and are already regulating it.

It’s safe to say that the sports betting industry is still in its infancy in the United States. Only the state of Nevada is what we can say has been quite experienced when it comes to this. The US still surely has a lot to learn when it comes to regulating the industry from all licensed operators in the UK.

The legalization of sports betting in the US is spreading and according to sports betting expert and author Declan Hill on an interview with TODAY Sports:

“It is coming. Betting shops, betting in stadiums, stadiums named after betting companies, a lot of ads promoting betting. That’s what you see in the United Kingdom, and without question, you’ll see it in America before long.”

UK sports betting is six decades old

The UK is big on sports betting as it has been legal for around 60 years now. It has one of the greatest sports betting markets worldwide and many sportsbook operators with big names hail from this country like William Hill.

William Hill has been operating in Nevada since 2012 and has been preparing for when the US will finally be open to legalizing sports betting throughout the country. Since 2018, William Hill has made arrangements to provide its services to Monmouth Park Racetrack and Ocean Resort Casino.

Now, it’s really not impossible for the US online casinos to be as big as the UK’s. David Forrest, an economist at the University of Liverpool and someone who specializes in sports and gambling activities talked about this.

Similarities – UK and UK markets

Forrest said:

“There are a lot of similarities between the U.S. and U.K. markets. There is a large middle class with disposable income, a passion for sports, and, despite the previous American law, a desire to gamble.”

What really made the US take a long time to legalize sports betting are a few factors, but the Black Sox scandal that happened in 1919. This was a Major League Baseball or MLB game-fixing scandal wherein eight members of the Chicago White Sox were accused of throwing the 1919 World Series against the Cincinnati Reds for money from a gambling syndicate. Since then, sports betting was painted with blood and many have always been hesitant about completely legalizing sports betting in the country.

Fixing games much harder today

Now, this is what the UK is saying about it. They are saying that games are harder to fix these days as they have already found a solution. It is to legalize sports betting and increase the salaries of the athletes. Declan Hill also talked about this in his book called The Fix: Organized Crime and Soccer. He said, “Match-fixing was rife in English (soccer) in 1950. There are two things that helped fundamentally clean it up. The legalization of gambling and improvement (in player salaries).”

Meanwhile, Forrest is also saying the same thing – that corrupting games are likely to go down in the US post-PASPA. He said:

“Let me go as far as to say that the likelihood of corruption in things like college sports will actually go down in America thanks to the new legal situation. It will get a lot harder to fix games when there are oversight and transparency.”

Reporting suspicious bets

Now, many sports leagues in the UK and British countries are in partnerships with gambling operators. Bookmakers just wouldn’t want to be duped for offering fixed games. Sports betting operators in the UK are also required to alert authorities in case any suspicious bets are placed with them.

In the UK, mini sportsbooks are also found everywhere. This is still something that the US does not have as, again, the rise of sportsbooks throughout the country is just starting to happen. However, the presence of these mini sportsbooks seems to be an effective way to get people to bet on sports in the UK. If the US wants to really benefit from the revenues of sports betting, they have to do something similar. The US will have to find a way to promote in-person betting while online betting is also becoming the more popular option for many.

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