US Online Casinos: Can They Save The Gambling Industry During COVID Times?

The coronavirus pandemic has put the world on a virtual hold and while some businesses are slowly starting to recover, most walk-in businesses such as casinos are suffering greatly both due to restrictions and the general fear among the population.

US Online Casinos
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With many people afraid to go out and mingle with others, gambling companies are experiencing significant decrease in volume and revenue. Fortunately for many American gambling giants, the process of legalization for online gambling has recently started in the USA and a growing number of states now allow online sports betting, casino games and poker.

All of these online gambling businesses, however, are still young and American population is not fully accustomed to playing online. This is why it is questionable whether online casinos alone are enough to save the gambling industry in the USA from the negative impact of the pandemic.

Online Casinos a New Reality in the USA

Online casinos have been around for many years, but in the USA they were banned by law until very recently. Only in 2018 and 2019 did states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania start creating state laws that would allow the operation of such online websites where people could gamble for real money.

Even today, citizens of only a handful of states can actually play casino games online, while others are still restricted to playing in live casinos or possibly betting on sports online. Fantasy sports, on the other hand, is legal in virtually every state.

Online casinos which are licensed in the USA are absolute top notch, providing hundreds of premium casino games and a chance to put all the skills and knowledge of gambling games to use from one’s home. Some blackjack basic strategy or good understanding of roulette can give players a great chance to win online, with all games equal to their real world versions.

The new online casinos even give players a chance to experience some of the real world casino atmosphere through the live casino feature, which provides actual real world games dealt out by real dealers in casino studios around the world. These live games are the best replica of casino games possible and are an ideal substitution during the coronavirus times.

Real World Casinos Opening Up

At one point, things looked really dire for the gambling industry in the USA, with all casinos country wide completely shut down. This lasted for a couple of months, but casinos started reopening in May, giving some hope to the operators that they could limit their losses.

However, despite legally being allowed to operate, casinos around the USA are still suffering losses. The anti-coronavirus measures which require social distancing and masks wearing means that the casino experience is simply not as enjoyable for the players as it used to be, impacting the desire of many people to even visit the establishments.

What’s even more, many people are actually afraid of contracting the virus that has already taken thousands of lives. The fear alone is enough to keep many people away from casinos and the business is slower than ever for nearly every casino in the country. Massive scale events that normally bring thousands to Las Vegas such as the World Series of Poker have been taken online, resulting in millions of lost revenues.

Are Online Casinos Enough?

Even if they were available in every state, the question remains of whether online casinos are enough to compensate for the loss of the real casino experience. Many players come to casinos to socialize and have some drinks and fun and not just to gamble. These experiences are lacking in online casinos, making them a somewhat poor substitute at times.

However, American casino holders have certainly managed to recover some of the losses they had due to coronavirus related closures through their online gambling efforts. As more states continue to allow for online gambling, we may see the trend go further up and companies actually make a sizable profit from their online casino ventures.

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