US, UK, and Canada Students Can Now Get Free Textbooks in Hard Copy

In recent years, the cost of textbooks has increased significantly, making education more expensive than ever before. This trend has been fueled by a number of factors, including rising production and distribution costs, a lack of competition among textbook publishers, and the increasing demand for digital content. 

As a result, students are forced to spend more money on their textbooks, often paying hundreds of dollars for a single book. This not only puts a strain on their finances but also creates an unfair advantage for students who can afford to pay for expensive textbooks. With the cost of education already high, these rising textbook prices further exacerbate the financial burden on students and limit access to higher education for many who cannot afford it.

Fortunately, some educational support service organizations and educational websites have initiated free textbooks for students aiming to reduce their financial strain. This article discusses how students can get free textbooks from these resources.     

Where to Get Free Hard Copy Textbooks 

If you are running out of your budget, let us help you save a few dollars. US students can now reduce their educational costs by getting free hard-copy textbooks from SolutionInn. The website has been providing free hard-copy textbooks to students from all across the US letting them improve their academic performance without worrying about textbook costs and educational expenses. Read on to learn how you can get free textbooks from SolutionInn.

An Overview of Free Textbooks Campaign of SolutionInn

SolutionInn is a US-based EdTech company that has developed an educational portal for students. It connects students with highly qualified educators and facilitates the provision of academic support. The website has thousands of subscribers from the US and various other regions of the world, who take advantage of the service of the portal.

Answering students’ questions in detail is one of the main services of the website. The service provider also hosts a study membership that unveils access to millions of textbook questions and answers. In 2019, the website initiated its free textbook campaign to increase its membership base. Students who had a membership of the website were eligible to receive one free textbook in hard copy. Those who were interested in getting free textbooks could do so by purchasing the membership.

The company continues letting US students get free textbooks with free sipping. It buys used textbooks from Amazon or eBay and manages the delivery of the book to the recipient all across the US without charging a price for the shipment. It has been working to provide free textbooks to students from other countries such as UK and Canada. 

How Free Textbooks Support Students

The increasing textbook prices have become the talk of the town. Those who cannot afford to buy pricey textbooks are compelled to compromise on their study or grades. While many students quit their degrees because of their inability to meet educational expenses. In this situation, free textbooks provide a sigh of relief to students.

More Affordable Education

Free textbooks can help make education more affordable. Textbooks can cost hundreds of dollars per course, which can be a significant financial burden for students. This financial barrier can prevent students from accessing course materials, which can have a negative impact on their academic performance. With free textbooks, students no longer have to worry about the cost of textbooks, and they can focus on learning the material.

Bridge Educational Gap 

Free textbooks can also help to level the playing field for students. When only some students can afford to purchase expensive textbooks, it creates an unfair advantage for those who can. This can perpetuate inequality in education and limit opportunities for students from low-income backgrounds. With free textbooks, all students have equal access to the same high-quality educational resources, regardless of their financial situation.

Final Thoughts

SolutionInn aims to transform education and students’ lives by letting them get free textbooks, increasing their access to knowledge, reducing their financial burden, and promoting a more effective learning experience. Though the free hard-copy textbooks and open educational resources have been facilitating students to a great extent, the government and education sector need to address the issue of textbook pricing. A few effective policies for textbook prices and educational costs are highly needed to let students focus more on learning rather than the costs.