How to Use PPC Effectively in Your Marketing Strategy

PPC marketing strategy image 4994994Now more than ever, you need to take a dynamic approach to your marketing strategy.  The best uses of digital marketing budget involve combinations of content marketing, pay per click (PPC), social media, and product listing ads (PLA) if you sell a physical product.  It can be tough to navigate these waters and to set an adequate budget.  

And one thing is for sure; your strategy has to change regularly.  What works today may not work tomorrow. It takes constant upkeep to ensure that your marketing dollars are giving you the return on investment you need.  Here are some ways you can incorporate paid media into your budget effectively.

Identify Your Strategy

Before you begin your PPC campaign, you need first to identify what your goal is.  It could be to increase sales, brand awareness, sign-ups, or even lead generation. Without the clear call to action, you will not get the results you are looking for. Optimizing these pages is the fastest way to increase your return on investment. You can try using Google Optimize for AB testing to experiment with different versions of your website. That way, you could create an entire landing page according to your audience’s preferences. You cannot run an effective marketing campaign without first identifying your reasoning.  This will help you to shape your total marketing budget and strategy.


The next thing you need to do is check your website and blog content.  When you are running a PPC campaign, it is vital to make sure that you are giving potential clients the relevant information that they are looking for.  Don’t make the mistake that many companies make and direct their PPC ads to their websites home page.  This will only waste your money and ensure that your site has a very high bounce rate.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a crucial component in your PPC strategy.  These are the pages that people see when they click on your ad.  Spending time making sure that these pages are on point is a must.  Your landing pages should not only have relevant content to that ad, but they should also have a clear call to action.  Without the clear call to action, you will not get the results you are looking for. Optimizing these pages is the fastest way to increase your return on investment.


The one thing that is the most critical aspect of your PPC strategy is optimization.  You will want to check reporting at least once a week. Take these PPC reports and combine them with your Google Analytics reports so you can check out your bounce rates, sales traffic, and paths.  This will help you to test out different methods to see which one will perform the best.  Try some AB testing with landing pages to see which landing page has a higher conversion rate.  You can even try different ad copy and titles to see, which gains more clicks.

Your digital marketing strategy should be an ever-evolving combination of factors.  You will need to spend some time exploring different recipes to see which one is best for your business.  Utilizing a digital marketing consultant or firm is a crucial component to help you achieve success in your marketing campaign.  Your specialist can help you to create a plan that will effectively make use of all the digital strategies available to you.

People often use the terms Internet Marketing and Online Marketing with the same meaning as Digital Marketing.