Useful Bitcoin Trading Tools You Should Know 

Generating a profit from trading crypto can be challenging for those who do not understand the ropes. As such, the advent of various trading tools has simplified the trading process for crypto enthusiasts. Many trading tools come with advanced features that assist traders in understanding prevailing market conditions.

Besides helping you understand the direction an asset is heading, they come with charts that give a clear picture about the trading environment. To reduce chances of making a loss, experienced Bitcoin traders have mastered the art of using various trading tools to guide them in the process.  

One of the ways to increase your chances of success is by finding a good crypto trading app. Here are the top crypto trading tools you need to know before investing in crypto. These trading tools will deepen your knowledge about bitcoin and will help you avoid scams.


Atani is one of the most popular trading tools available in the crypto trading ecosystem. The tool gives access to various exchanges within the same interface. Besides a user friendly interface, Atani makes it easy for you to trade on over 20 exchanges

Atani comes with the following features.

  • You can trade across 20 exchanges and compare different prices.
  • You can analyze over 9000 crypto pairs and 1500 cryptocurrencies.
  • When you want to file your return, you can easily download tax reports instantly
  • The tool gives traders training notifications over the phone, sms or gives alerts about various trading options
  • Your investment is highly secure since the platform doesn’t have access to your API keys


OpenOcean gives users a wide range of decentralized and centralized exchanges. The platform uses smart algorithm technology to analyze the best prices and show users. The unique aspect about the trading tool is that it allows traders to customize their trading interfaces with their preferred investment strategies. 

While individual users are not required to pay any fees to trade, institutional users have to pay for customized interfaces in order to carry out their own trading strategies.


If you are ever worried about losing your funds, then ethbox is an ideal choice for you. The tool comes with a highly secure interface that helps you avoid the risk of sending funds to the wrong address. The escrow smart contract enabled platform makes it easier for users to transfer ether securely across the ethereum blockchain network.


StakedInvest  is ideal for both new and experienced investors. The platform is managed by hedge fund managers and traders who work round the clock to develop portfolios and prebuilt strategies that traders can invest in. The platform is highly monitored and optimized making it a perfect choice for all kinds of traders.


The NewsCrypto platform has taken the crypto industry by storm through providing important crypto information for traders. Besides sharing industrial news impacting the crypto industry, it comes with important training resources for new traders. 

Using the tool not only helps you get a picture about crypto market trends but also provides technical analysis about various market conditions. Additionally, it features a demo account which helps new users try out their trading options before applying in a real account.

Furthermore, you can also engage with other traders on the platform and share important information that you need to help you in trading. The platform has its own tokens that can be interchanged for ERC, Stellar and BSC.


CryptoTaxCalculator  is designed to assist investors calculate tax liabilities related to crypto transactions. The platform has a user-friendly interface that can easily be navigated by both new and experienced traders.

Final Thoughts

Though crypto trading is regarded as high risk, having prior information about the right trading tools increases your chances of making profit. This article offers important insight that will help you realize the best out of crypto trading.

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