Five useful and cool products to 3D print

If you are the proud owner of a 3D printer you probably have experimented a ton already. However, if you do not own this machine you might be quite new to custom 3D printing Canada. Of course, that is nothing to be ashamed of. On the other hand, it would be smart to figure out how this manufacturing technique could be of use in your day to day life. You do not even need to buy a printer in order to do this, you could just hire a 3D printing service UK so they will print these items for you. 

Carbon-fiber to build prosthetic feet

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Fillauer Composites uses carbon-fiber and fiberglass to build prosthetic feet. When needed to perfectly produce carbon fiber parts, Fillauer partnered with 3D Hubs to reduce the cost of production and open up more time for their engineers to focus on perfecting the designs.

Medical device technology is a field at the center of innovation. With the constant availability of new materials and designs, medical device manufacturers are always finding ways to make products that are durable, easy-to-use, and improve the end user’s lifestyle.

Fillauer, which was founded in 1914, is one of the industry leaders in the evolution, design, and technology of prosthetic and orthotic products. Its subsidiary, Fillauer Composites, is an organization that specifically designs carbon-fiber-based prosthetic feet. This means working with sensitive materials and tricky manufacturing processes to create world-class products.

Earbud case

Even though earbuds are extremely handy to have, their cords can be a pain in the ass. They are always tangled and will reach a point of no return, when they create the so-called earphone-crackle. Some people already use cordless earbuds, but if you are old school you definitely need this earbud case. Your everyday life will be improved immensely!

Pencil holder

A clean and organized desk apparently has a positive effect on your motivation and efficiency. Therefore, you should not have your pencils and pens all over your desk. Instead, you need to 3D print a holder. Organize your desk, while it will look good too. Obviously you can add your own taste and style to the holder.


Another object that can be 3D printed and will make your life significantly better is a comb. Essentially everyone uses some kind of comb or brush on a daily basis in order to keep our hair from becoming a mess no one wants to see. These are quite easy to manufacture with the help of a 3D printer.


Are you having a boring day? Why not make it a bit better by creating a dragonfly. These toys are extremely cool, albeit it being more complex to 3D print than the other entries in this article. A dragonfly is a small flying machine, but will bring plenty of entertainment. Not just for you, but also for your children.

Chip clip

No one wants their chips to become stale after opening a packet. By using a so-called chip clip you stop this from happening. It has a sliding clasp which makes it quite unique, but also makes the clips work really well. On top of that, it is actually really easy to 3D print.

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