Useful Tips To Effectively Increase Crop Yields

As a farmer, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to increase your crop yields. This is for many reasons. A primary reason being that the more crops you have per square the less space they take up, which leaves you with more room to build other buildings or place other crops on your farm. Another reason being is because when you have higher crop yields it makes food preservation easier, allowing you to create more food items without wasting too much wood or any at all if you are using drying racks. Here are useful tips and tricks to effectively increase crop yields. 

Test Your Soil

One of the most important steps to make sure you are increasing your crop yield is to always test your soil. This is a primary answer to how to increase crop yield because the type of soil that you use can not only increase or decrease how much food your farms produce, but it might even ruin the farm completely. To test out your soil, start by looking at its colour; if it has a brownish hue then it is probably sand, if it is redder in colour then there’s a chance you have clay in the ground. If it looks mixed with various colours and textures then, either way, don’t worry about it! You can fix this problem easily by mixing sand with the ground.

Plant Things That Grow Quickly

Another great way to increase crop yields is to plant things that grow quickly. These crops may be a little more expensive, but they will give you higher yields in less time. This is great for new players because if they can grow a lot of food very quickly, it will save them from going broke and allow them to focus on building a base or gathering resources. Some examples of these fast-growing plants are:


  • Garlic (harvest every 10 days)


  • Potatoes (harvest every 7 days)


  • Green Onions (harvest every 4 days)


  • Pumpkins (harvest in about 3-4 weeks)


All of these items are very cheap compared to how much they produce. If you’re looking for something to plant that will create a good profit, then this is the way to go! 

Don’t Over Plant

One of the biggest mistakes that newer players make is planting too many things and expecting them all to grow. For example, some crops take a full two months to grow and only produce one item, while another plant may be harvested every day and give out 20 items! You can’t expect both plants to be successfully harvested; you need to decide if the time or money is more important. If you are looking for quick money then go with the ones that are harvested daily, but if your goal is to have a successful farm where everything will last at least a few days without spoiling, then plant less frequently harvested items. 

Practice Crop Rotation 

A great way to increase crop yields is to practice crop rotation; this is a method that will allow you to grow more food on your farm without using up more of the nutrients in your soil. It works like this: follow the same steps for every harvest, but instead of planting the same exact plant each time, switch between three different plants (one from each of the first 3 groups below). Here are some examples:


  • Group 1: 


Cabbage = Tomato + Potato


Tomato = Cucumber + Green Pepper


Potato = Carrot + Corn


  • Group 2:


Carrot = Beetroot + Leek 


Lettuce = Broccoli + Celery


Beetroot = Potato + Lettuce 


  • Group 3:


Onion = Parsnip + Amaranth


Parsnip = Green Bean + Pumpkin


Amaranth = Corn + Cucumber


This method will allow you to have a continuous harvest of your original three plants, but with an entirely different crop. This will greatly increase your total crop yields over time with less work! 

Utilize Fertilizers

Another great way to increase crop yields is by utilizing fertilizers. Fertilizers are an incredibly cheap way to provide your crops with their nutrients, allowing them to grow much faster and be harvested more rapidly. Be careful though, because overusing these fertilizers will not only make your soil barren and unable to grow anything but a few flowers, it will also make your workers very unhappy! Make sure you follow the instructions on the fertilizer exactly if you want it to help at all.

There are three different types of fertilizers: 


  • Manure – Increases growing speed by 20% 


  • Mushroom Spores – Increases growing speed by 30% 


  • Fish – Increases growing speed by 50%

Fertilizer can be created by placing down three different sorts of animal excrement in a specific pattern. To create manure place one cow, horse or llama excrement on the ground, then place another directly next to it so that they are touching. Then, empty your remaining supplies out onto this area and you will have created fertilizer!

Always Water Planting Areas

A big mistake that players frequently make is forgetting to water their crops when they are planting. It may seem silly, but watering your plants is so important for them to grow and be successfully harvested! There are two ways to water your plants:  manually or automatically. If you choose to manually water your plants, then do so every time after planting them. It takes around three seconds for one watering can to completely saturate the ground with water, so this is a great way to ensure that all of your plants are watered properly.

However, if you don’t want the hassle of having to remember to water each plant after planting it, then there is an even easier option! Each type of plant has a specific number next to it on the seed packet; this number represents how many days it will take for that plant to be fully grown and ready to harvest. Simply place down 5-7 planters in a row or column (depending on which configuration your farm is) and fill each one with the same type of plant. Then, set your planters to automatically water and you can be sure that all of your crops will get the proper amount of water!

Use Herbicides To Tackle Weed Issues

Weed problems can be a big issue for those who are farming because it takes up space that could otherwise be used for crops. In order to increase your crop yields, you will need to use herbicide to keep the weeds from growing. This will not only allow you to grow more crops on less land, but it reduces the chance of your plants being cut down by .5%; this is a significant amount and can dramatically improve your crop yields. 

If you want to increase crop yields then be sure to follow these steps! By doing things like utilizing proper crop rotation and fertilizing your plants you will harvest more crops without decreasing soil fertility. Utilize herbicide so that weeds don’t cut down on potential space for growing crops and set aside enough money to purchase fertilizer when it becomes available. If done properly, these tips should significantly improve the total number of items your farm produces each day/week/month!

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