Uses of Giant LED Display Screens

There is no doubt in saying that giant LED screens have taken over the spot of being the benchmark for several cities. Whether it is Piccadilly Circus in London, Burj-Al-Khalif in Dubai, or Time Square in New York, you would have witnessed some of the incredible masterpieces of outdoor advertising. So, if you are also planning to adopt this approach to spread awareness about your brand, it would be a smart move in your sales and marketing strategy.

As soon as you decide to use a giant LED screen, you have to know some basics about this type of display to make sure that you bring the best out of its features.


Over a couple of years, giant display screens have emerged as a long-lasting, highly effective, profitable, and reliable advertising option. Digital signage has highlighted the methods to provide excellent image quality that is sure to capture passersby’s attention. Today, you will find many formats for outdoor advertising screens to increase the impact of your marketing campaigns. These giant LED screens to have a wide range of dimensions, starting from 72 inches to 156 inches or 183 to 399 cm. They are sure to work continuously and intensively for all types of businesses. You also can visit here to find the best outdoor led screen guide:

When it comes to their technology, you can find an amazing brightness level that will enable the outdoor LED screen to work in broad daylight, which is not possible with conventional LCD TVs. Also, they can work in any space of your choice; all you need to do is to follow instructions on the assembly system. Other than that, here are two important factors for choosing the right giant LED screen:

  • High Definition: Image softness and resolution are some of the crucial parts to cater to the attention of the target audience. Not only is it necessary for commercial purpose but is also important to create the branding image. Low-quality videos and images are not that useful and may not be as influential as they are expected.
  • Perfect Luminosity: The next thing worth considering is the image clarity that is not possible without a good luminosity level. It enables the giant LED screen to work even during daylight with the help of management software.

Uses of Giant LED Display Screens

  • Concerts and Events: Needless to say, every concert or any sort of event needs to have a high-quality giant LED display so that all the content can be displayed there. The aim is to keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout the event.
  • Sports Stadiums: Yes, a giant LED display is intended to be available at every stadium so that it enables the audience to keep an eye on players’ moves and enjoy every bit of the game.
  • Educational Auditoriums: At universities, colleges, schools, and educational institutions, there has to be at least one giant LED screen. It enables the management to address all students at once about a particular situation or purpose.
  • Advertisement: As discussed above, giant LED displays play an important role in leaving an impact on the audience. They help brands to communicate the message regarding different products, services, offers, or inventions that will soon benefit all of them.

With that being said, you should be able to figure out why and when you have to get a giant LED screen. It’s just about making the right choice based on your needs and the features available in them.

Giant led screen solutions and supplier

Outdoor billboard

Outdoor billboard is one of the main applications of outdoor LED display. 24/7 non-stop video advertisements are much better options than static signage.DOIT VISION  LED outdoor billboard displays are designed with high brightness, outdoor water-proof, anti-ultraviolet, strong installation structures.

Stage events

DOIT VISION Matrix 500 series used for LED rental applications such as stage events, shows, concerts, etc to create the eye-casting visual quality. For rental purpose, these applications require LED displays which are lightweight, easy to install, dismantle, and multiple-use functions to fit any applications.

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