Using a Parking App Can Save You Time and Money


Credit: Braeson Holland via Pexels

Let’s take a minute to imagine a scenario. You’re on your way to an important meeting downtown that you’ve spent weeks preparing for. You woke up early, got yourself ready, went over your notes one last time, and jumped in the car with plenty of time to spare. But, as you approach the office, you realize there’s nowhere to park— the lots are full, and the streets are packed.

As you circle the block hoping for someone to pull out of their spot and save the day, time ticks away, and you wonder if you’re going to make it there on time. 

This is a situation we’ve surely all found ourselves in several times. Even once you’ve found a spot, you then have to take the time to find a meter, run the ticket back to your car, and come back out to pay if your meter runs out. 

Thanks to the rise of technologies like the REEF contactless parking app, parking no longer has to be so stressful and time-consuming. Let’s take a closer look at how using a parking app can save you time and money (and avoid that awful feeling of not being able to find somewhere to park). 

Stored information

Parking apps allow you to store your credit card information in the app so you can pay with ease. Simply input the lot name or number into your app and add the time that you need. The app will also store your license plate number and car details so you don’t have to waste time inputting your information every time you park. 

Add Time to Your Meter Digitally

Gone are the days of having to run out to your car in the middle of dinner to add extra time to the meter. With parking apps, you can simply add extra time to your meter from your phone. You can also check the time that your meter runs out, so you avoid getting a ticket because you forgot how much time you had paid for. 

Compare Lot Prices

Some local lots charge more than others for parking, but when you’re desperate for a spot, you may be tempted to take whatever you can find at the risk of losing a spot entirely. By downloading a parking app, you’ll be able to compare the prices offered by different lots in your area in order to get the best deal and save you some serious cash.

Check For and Reserve Open Spaces

Some apps will provide real-time updates for how many empty spots they have so you never have to waste your time driving around hoping for an empty lot again. Depending on the app you use and the lot you’re going to, you may even have the option to pre-pay for a spot to guarantee that it will be there by the time you arrive. 

Locate Your Car

Nothing is worse than forgetting where you parked and having to wander the streets trying to locate your car. By paying for parking with an app, you’ll be able to check the app for the exact location of your car so you can find it with ease. 

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