Using rich hemp oil at home 101

Rich hemp oils are like regular hemp oils, containing the substance Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, without THC. The difference between regular hemp oils and rich hemp oils is that rich hemp oils contain larger quantities of Cannabidiol. It has been known that Cannabidiol is a loved health product for various reasons – and this is also why rich hemp oils are very popular nowadays. Did you know that CBD is a good way of fighting anxiety and lowering blood pressure? In the blog below, we will show you multiple reasons why we love using rich hemp oil containing CBD.

During dinner

Rich hemp oil can easily become your favourite food supplement. After you have cooked a tasty meal, add some hemp oil to your food – either in the way of baking in the pan or by just adding a few drops on to your plate before you start eating. There is not too much flavour for your tongue to notice, but your body will recognize the good stuff and will start taking up the Cannabidiol it’s powers.

Just the oil itself

You can also just consume the oil itself by dropping some ‘oil tears’ on your tongue. Do this with care, and carefully read the package before you start. Normally you can use 2-3 drops, around two times a day. If your body is in pain, you may use more, but carefully discuss this with your doctor first. If you are just taking rich hemp oil as a supplement and not for medical reasons, 2 drops one time a day is fine.

On your body

What would be the oldest and quickest known remedy for dry skin? That’s right, to apply oil! The rich hemp oil can be applied to your hands or face. Let it stay on for the night and you will wake up the next morning with a moisturized skin.

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