Important Ways that You can Utilize Your Freezer to Prevent Food Waste

Wasting food is something that most of us do. Mind you, we don’t do it intentionally, it is just the way certain products are made and in some cases the way our mindsets work. But the reality is that most people in developed countries waste tons of food each day. You won’t believe how much food goes to waste on a daily basis. It is enough to solve the world’s hunger problem.

Prevent food waste image for article - 333333Luckily, there are some people that are aware of this and are trying to do their best not to waste so much food. But a lot of them disregard the fact that a freezer is the best possible solution. A proper freezer needs to be adjusted well and they should be changed from time to time. They don’t last for a lifetime you know and it can even be problematic to dispose of them. But the most eco-friendly way to dispose of white goods is to recycle them. But the main idea is to maintain them and it will protect your stored food for longer periods.

So how can you utilize your freezer to the max so you get the most out of it and your food?

Here are some very useful tips that you can try.

Freeze Baked Goods

Most people do not like freezing baked goods. Leaving bread inside of a freezer for long periods of time will affect its quality and you will end up with a tasteless piece of the breed. But there is a trick to it. You can easily store all of your baked goods by placing them in a pillowcase first and then putting them in a crisper drawer in a freezer.

You can store almost anything this way; waffles, tortillas, sandwich bread, etc. But make sure that you eat it in a period of up to three months. It will stay fresh and nice during that period. And if you don’t have a crisper drawer in your freezer, you are still good to go but you should eat it in no less than two months.

Storing Tomatoes

You are probably thinking now that it is absolutely impossible and unnecessary to store tomatoes in a freezer. They mostly consist out of the water and generally don’t freeze well at all. In fact, it would be crazy to do so as it will simply not work later on when you add it to your sandwich.

But if you freeze it in a different form it will work. Making tomato sauce or spread is a really tasty thing. You can use it for all kinds of dishes. And it is easy to store and keep in a freezer. Use some old jars that you have, don’t throw them away as they can be used again. Put the tomato sauce in the freezer and keep it there for as long as you need it.

Freezing Fruit

Freezing fruit is generally not what some people do. But it can be done. Unfortunately, you will not end up having them in their natural and juicy form. But it can be saved for making products with mash fruits. It is great when you want to make a smoothie in the morning or add it to your protein shake.

Spread the fruit first on a baking sheet and simply put it into the freezer. When the fruit is frozen solid decant them into a different container that you plan to keep them in. And simply store it that way. Anytime you need a piece of the fruit simply take one and use it any way you please. It will take absolutely no time to defrost and you can use it quickly.

Frozen Veggies

You probably buy a lot of frozen vegetables at the store, especially those that are out of season. It is great and easy to use as you just grab a bag and defrost the amount you need whenever you need it. But that convenience can be had at home for the same purpose but for half the price.

Get those vegetables that you need at the store and cut them down into smaller pieces. Then spread all of it on a baking sheet and put them in the freezer so they until they freeze over completely. Put all the frozen vegetables in a separate container like a mason jar or snapware. So anytime you plan to make a certain dish grab exactly how much you need and you are good to go.

Wasting food does not have to be a problem anymore and we should start thinking much greener to protect our plant. Utilizing your freezer in an eco-friendly way is the best way to go and will more than likely maximize your food usage to maximum efficiency.


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