How to Utilize Session Replay Tools for Your Business

As more consumers are working and shopping from home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many online businesses are experiencing unprecedented surges in their internet traffic and sales as a result of the shifting landscape. If you’re a business owner with an online presence, now is the right time to take advantage of this developing trend by leveraging your website to optimize sales and increase your client base.

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If you’ve been putting off making updates to your website or re-assessing how your customers move through your sales funnel, you can’t afford to procrastinate any longer! But how do you know what changes are most effective and get results?

Using Software Tools for Better Business Insights

If you aren’t already familiar with session replay software, it’s time to get up to speed! This unique and innovative tool captures the trajectory of each visitor to your website in real time, allowing you the opportunity to directly view every step they take on their journey through your site just as it happened.

You can imagine the impact of being able to view video replays of every potential client’s time on your website, noting where they click and how they navigate through the site. Utilizing these recordings can be an indispensable tool for catching 404 errors, broken links, and clearly understanding what is and isn’t working within your website.

Provide Enhanced Customer Service Tools for Online Businesses

Session replay tools can also be an extraordinary tool for managing customer service and troubleshooting. Customer service agents can access a session recording while in the middle of a customer service phone call or text-based chat in order to pinpoint the exact issue that resulted in a complaint, resolving concerns quickly and accurately for increased client retention and greater overall satisfaction.

Depending on the software you choose, your customer service professionals may actually be able to view a customer’s session while they are in progress in order to proactively guide the user’s navigation as part of the troubleshooting process.

Reduce Abandonment with Early Detection

It can be discouraging: That cart full of items that the prospective customer clicks away from without purchasing, just short of a successful sale. Every business owner knows the feeling of frustration when a website visitor fails to convert to become a customer – but what if you could do something about it?

Watching back through a consumer’s visit to your website via the software’s recording is an ideal way to pinpoint the exact moment when they dropped off and chose not to proceed with the potential purchase. By gaining these insights, you can readily identify the root causes of the most common reasons why customers leave without buying and address those problems within the website to boost sales.

Utilizing Software for Business Growth

Regardless of whether you’re developing an improved customer service strategy, working to strengthen conversion rates and grow online sales through your website, or simply seeking improved insights into consumer behavior, session replay software can serve as a strategic cornerstone for growing your online business.

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