Valorant Agent Roles: Duelist Overview


Valorant is the newest free-to-play hero first-person shooter, created by Riot Games. The game is multiplayer, with two competing teams of 5 across several maps. Valorant takes place on Earth in the future, where agents, the playable characters, possess unnatural abilities brought about by advanced technology. While Valorant does not have an overarching story, there are four unique classes of agents, each with a different backstory.

In total, there are currently 15 playable characters, split through the Duelists, Controllers, Initiators, and Sentinel classes. This article covers the Duelist class and its respective Valorant agents. We’ll discuss the unique qualities of Duelist characters and explain each agents’ abilities and talents.

What is the Duelist class?

Valorant agents fall into one of four classes, with Duelists known as the flashiest of those available. Duelist agents, designed to be self-sufficient, can get high kill counts by themselves, through aggressive playstyles. Duelist players are at the forefront of any attack, thanks to their offensive abilities and naturally high damage output.

You can think of these agents as the natural attackers of a team, focused on breaking the opposing team instead of supporting or acting as backup. There are currently four Duelist agents available to play, and Duelists can be chosen more than once on a team. Thanks to the ability for a team to have multiple Duelists, this class is one of the most common, with many players rarely wanting to substitute attack for support.

Duelist Agents

There are currently five Duelists available to play in Valorant, making this class the largest of those playable. The five agents are Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, and Yoru, each of whom will have their unique abilities and talents explained.


Jett is the most agile Valorant agent, combining fast movements and high damage. Her unique abilities allow her extreme agility to become apparent, thanks to their movement-heavy focus. This mobility allows her to get into tight spots usually not available to other agents. She is also one of the few agents to have a passive ability, her slow falling. Two of Jett’s abilities are movement oriented, helping her to jump high and propel forward. Her ultimate on the other hand releases five accurate throwing knives, which restock after killing an enemy. These unique abilities and mobile qualities make her a great option for speedy and agile first-strike attacks.


Phoenix is one of the most heavily used agents thanks to his high utility and powerful ultimate ability. Excluding his ultimate, Phoenix’s abilities are strong attacks, whether fire walls, fireballs, or flares. His unique fire-based abilities allow him to heal in fire, meaning that most of his abilities allow him to regain health. Phoenix is great for taking space from the enemy team as well, thanks to his continuous and areal damage. Defending is even easier with his ultimate, an ability that creates a second version of him for eight seconds. Whether his second version is shot or eight seconds pass, he teleports back to his real body at maximum health. This ultimate allows massive late game attacks and can win rounds by itself, when used correctly.


Raze is a popular character for aggressive players, designed around a blunt force play style. Her explosive abilities are damage exclusive, great for wiping out a collected team or clearing out space. Add in an explosive main weapon, and you have an agent designed for aggressive plays and hard pushes. Raze’s two basic abilities work to seek out and attack enemies or sabotage open areas. Her Paint Shells are cluster grenades, a grenade full of smaller grenades. These do not compare to her ultimate, Showstopper, which is known for its one-shot capabilities. This rocket launcher holds one rocket, dealing massive damage along a straight line.


Reyna has become a cult classic through the Valorant community, thanks in part to her cult-related abilities. Resembling Jett in her mobile abilities and agility, her uniqueness derived from her vampire qualities. Whenever Reyna gets a kill, she has the opportunity to consume a Soul Orb to gain health or become intangible and incredibly fast. These are in addition to her incredibly useful basic ability, which strips nearby enemies of long-distance sight. Reyna’s most powerful ability comes with her ultimate, which allows her to enter a frenzy for 30 seconds, increasing firing, equipping, and reload speeds. The ability also allows infinite, full, recharges of her Soul Orb consuming abilities through individual kills.


Lastly, there’s Yoru, one of the newest Valorant agents to be added to the game. His unique abilities are utility heavy and allow him to manipulate the game to distract and gain control over enemies. Yoru’s first basic ability gives him the ability to send echoed footsteps forward, confusing enemies with mimicked, but player-less footsteps. He is also able to throw a blinding dimensional fragment at enemies, great for controlling sight lines. Yoru’s signature ability, however, is incredibly useful, creating a rift tether which allows him to teleport back within 30 seconds. Yoru is a very utility prominent agent, as seen with his ultimate, a mask that allows him to drift into another dimension. This ultimate allows Yoru to become invisible and invulnerable to enemies.

Controlling the Game

Each Duelist has their own unique uses as Valorant agents, and as such, each agent has their own purpose within a game. Although designed to control the game with a general combative, damaging play style, each Valorant agent serves a purpose. Duelists are not any different, with specially created abilities for different playstyles. As a recap, Jett is built for damage and mobility thanks to her evasive abilities. Phoenix is useful for crowd control and holding points, with an additional ability to heal from his own fire. Raze is the most useful for mass damage, with her explosive weapons and abilities. Reyna’s use is for recon, agility, and as a bullet sponge, with her healing and intangible abilities. Lastly, Yoru, the 5th Duelist, is most useful for distraction and manipulation, thanks to his mimicked footsteps and blinding fragments.

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