How to vape CBD, and is it right for you?

Vape CBD image 839839893989398Vaping CBD has become trendy since people discovered endless uses of CBD oil. Wait; are we on the same page when talking about CBD? Let’s verify it together!

The makers of Freed Technology CBD cartridges explain that cannabidiol, i.e., CDB, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in renowned drugs like marijuana and powerful medicines like hemp. In both scenarios, CBD only has beneficial effects. It is scientifically proved that CBD possesses therapeutic powers and therefore used widely. It is used to get relief from various health issues like inflammation, pain, acne, anxiety, depression, and epilepsy.

Now, the question is, how to use CBD oil? A person can use CBD in multiple forms and name a few, and it can be vape liquids, eatables products, and injections!

To generally focus on vaping CBD, now it is clear than when you use CBD in its oil form, the process is called vaping. Continue reading to find out how vaping is done and how it is done it the right way so that CBD works miraculously for you!

Step one: Determine what dosage of CBD suits you best!

This is the first step when you are hooding to vape yourself with CBD as no matter godly, CBD remains a drug that is suggested to be used in a specific quantity. Therefore, you need to make sure how much you need to vape and what strength you require from it. Normally, it is advised that you start with the as little amount as possible to check whether your body happily accepts it and then you can increase the quantity slowly.

Vape CBD molecule image 9839839839893
A model of the cannabidiol molecule. (Image: adapted from Wikipedia)

Step two: Choosing the type of CBD vape you feel comfortable with!

  • Vaping CBD in its liquid form is not the only way to vape CBD. There are other ways to do it that are:
  • Disposable CBD vape pens: most accessible and affordable, cigarette resembling pens filled with CBD juice that can let you take a couple of hundred puffs.
  • Oil cartridges of CBD: cylindrical tanks that come pre-filled with CBD juice and requires a thin e-cig battery or similar device that is compatible with it.
  • Modernized CBD pods: they are similar to CBD oil cartridges but compatible with JUUL battery so that users can switch between CBD and nicotine with ease. It is the most popular thing in the market at present.
  • CBD pens that are refillable: these devices look like a pen that is rechargeable and lets you fill your CBD vape fluid in it. They produce more vapor, requires maintenance but pocket-friendly,

Step three:  How to vape CBD?

You can start with going through the user manual that comes along with the device you are using to vape CBD. Now that you have selected the method best suited to you, you can start vaping CBD according to the procedure each allows. Make sure it is right for you, and as mentioned in step one, begin with little quantities only to ensure the safety of your health. Now, let’s read about how to use each of the devices mentioned above:

  1. CBD oil cartage: Connect it to the battery and click the power button on the device like c5 times to switch it on. Next thing is your start inhaling it with small puffs while keeping the button pressed!  It is suggested to wait for 5 to 10 minutes in mid of winds to analyze the effect of CBD on you. If it goes we3ll, keep going until you feel relaxed!
  2. CBD pod: Connect it to the JUUL battery and start with taking a small puff. Similar to the process in the CBD oil cartridge, wait to analyze its effect on you. Also here you can double-tap the JUUL battery to check the life of the battery.
  3. CBD vape pen: This one is a little more interesting! You begin with filling your CBD vape pen with the CBD vape juices of flavor you cherish. It has a coil-like thing in it, so let it saturate, click five times to activate the battery and adjust the airflow setting in the dial pad if the device has one. After doing this, the necessary process is similar where you take small puffs and stop in between to examine the result.

This is how vaping CBD is done. Make sure you maintain hygiene and clean your vaping device regularly!