Vaping vs. Cigarettes: Which is less harmful?

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The consumption of e-cigarettes has been increased substantially over some years. Millions of people are now moving from traditional smoking to electronic vaporizers.

However, this increase in the use of e-cigarettes is mainly found primarily in the young generation and is considered a safer alternative to traditional smoking. Yet, there are still numerous dangers of vaping.

Nevertheless, the question which one is less harmful; vaping vs. cigarettes? Also, which one is less harmful to pass a drug test? Or how long does wax pen stay in your urine?

Today, we will compare the two along with their pros and cons so that you could make your choice more wisely and keep yourself on a safer side.

Which One is Less Harmful?

Typically, electronic vaporizers or e-cigarettes have been pronounced safer and less harmful than conventional tobacco cigarettes.

In my opinion, smoking could be dangerous for your health because it leaves toxins in your body by producing burning tobacco and eventually causes smoking-related diseases, such as lung or mouth cancer.

Although both vaping and smoking have side effects and several health risks, science has indicated electronic vaporizers to be a less toxic substitute for tobacco.

Switching from traditional smoking to electronic vaping may reduce some health risks, but most health well-being is seen when people quit smoking completely.

As per a report of February 2020, approximately 2800 vaping-related cases were admitted in hospitals. Other than that, 68 people died due to lung cancer.

This report clearly shows that vaping might be less dangerous than smoking, but it does not abolish human health risks wholly.

Vaping vs. Smoking: Pros and Cons

Since vaping comprises numerous chemicals plus nicotine and artificial flavoring, and it involves breathing through a spray, still many people find it safer than cigarettes. Below are some pros and cons of electronic vaping and conventional smoking:

Health Benefits of Vaping

  • There is no tobacco combustion in vaping, and it does not produce tar and carbon monoxide, which prevents you from some long-term health diseases.
  • Vaporizers come in various flavors, so it does not leave a typical tobacco smell in your car or room when you vape. Instead, it produces a flavored aroma.
  • You can also get a nicotine-free vaporizer that allows you to take the pleasure of e-smoking without nicotine.

Health Risks of Vaping

  • Vaporizers contain a significant amount of nicotine, resulting in slowing down brain development in fetuses during pregnancy.
  • It also includes and transfers various chemicals into the body, such as cancer-causing chemicals, diacetyl, volatile organic compounds, and heavy metals.
  • Vaping can cause several diseases like lung cancer, mouth cancer, heart diseases, and other health risks.
  • The liquid that produces the vapors could be intensively dangerous if it enters your body or touches your skin.
  • If you switch from smoking to vaping lessen the habit of smoking, then the vaporizers could be more addictive because it contains a high amount of nicotine. Even some nicotine-free vaporizers have also been discovered to contain nicotine.

Health Benefits of Smoking

  • It has been noticed that smoking helps many people in losing weight.
  • Smoking also aids in improving constipation.

Health Risks of Smoking

  • Smoking involves tobacco burning, which consequently produces tar and carbon monoxide and can cause some long-term diseases.
  • It can lead you toward plenty of health issues such as asthma, lung, skin, mouth cancer, heart diseases, and other oral diseases.
  • Smoking significantly reduces life expectancy.
  • It not only impacts your health but can be harmful to the whole environment as well.
  • It makes you addicted and severely hard to quit.


If you believe that vaping is less dangerous than smoking, you might be wrong. Both share similar health risks.

However, only the difference between the two is that smoking gives rise to some illnesses earlier than vaping. The only way to reduce or eradicate health risks is by quitting such activities. People should not start vaping to quit vaping because it can be more addictive. Instead, they can use some FDA-approved methods to live a healthy and risk-free life.

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