Various systems and regions you must know in Metarun

Whenever you wish to spend some more time with Metarun, you must be aware of the various systems in the game. Subsequently, you need to be active when you aim at completing every mission or level.

While you run relentlessly on the track, you will encounter many things on your way. So, with this in mind, this article will cover more about the systems you must know before playing Metarun, one of the best nft metaverse games.

What are the different systems that you need to know?

There are many systems you need to know related to obstacles, opponents and mana. So, let’s go through the various systems in detail. 

The Obstacle system

While running on the track, you will always encounter objects across the entire map. But, if the character’s abilities doesn’t allow the player to bypass any rule, he is bound to lose in the end. Most of the time, you will come across static and moving obstacles. When the obstacles are static, they don’t change their positions. But, when the obstacles are dynamic, they change their positions in the region. Apart from this, the character will also encounter destructible and indestructible obstacles. 

As far as the obstacles are concerned, the static obstacles include heaps of stones, fences, and boxes. On the other hand, you will observe mechanical traps, pendulums and rolling barrels under dynamic obstacles. If you come across a destructible obstacle, then you can destroy it by shooting at the obstacle. But, if you cross an indestructible obstacle, it will kill the player in the next instance. 

The Opponent System

Under such a system, you have to confront static or moving opponents. Additionally, you will observe non-attacking and attacking opponents during the game. While non-attacking enemies can cause damage, the attacking opponents will face the player with the launch of many projectiles. But, whenever you want to stay away from the opponents, you must use some tricks or tactics.

In the PvP mode, the character will tend to push the other player when both are in the same position. However, the character can run ahead if the players push the enemy instantly. Besides, you will can slow down the opponent using a slide. This trick will help you knock down the opponent that can cause damage during the game.

The Mana System

As you work towards accomplishing your goal effectively, you can use your active the passive abilities. You only have to tap on the screen and trigger the active ability in those instances. But, you will need some Mana to activate the active ability within the game’s environment. Additionally, you can collect certain bottles and enhance the level of the mana. Moreover, when the player comes across a booster, he doesn’t need any mana.

Soon after you cover a certain distance, you will come across mana in different forms. These can be in the form of projectiles, fireballs and many more things. But, when you wish to restore the mana of the character, then it can instantaneously increase with the help of the ‘Mana Potion’. Furthermore, you can use the ‘Rocket Potion’ to launch a damaging projectile. 

What are the unique areas of the map in Metarun?

Once you start covering different regions across the map, you will come across many areas with unique mechanics. But, such types of areas can play a role of an obstacle. A bit later, you must implement a trick and be quick enough to overcome the obstacle. For instance, if you observe ice on the running track, you have to move your fingertip upward. However, if there’s a puddle in front of the character, it can slow down the character to a certain extent. 

To summarize, there are many systems that you need to know in Metarun. These systems are related to mana and many opponents and obstacles. On the contrary, you will have to run swiftly across different map regions. If you see ice along the track, you must move your fingertip in the right direction. But, if there’s a puddle on the track, it can slow down the character’s speed. 

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