How Vices Can Affect Your Professional Stature

Article on professional stature and vices - image 1If you ask any older person what they think of current times, they’ll tell you that things have definitely changed. It’s a safe bet to say that many of the values and beliefs shared by older generations don’t exist anymore. And vices have become much more common than anything among millennials, which is not a thing to be taken lightly. Sure, everybody likes to have a little fun and party every now and then, but leading a life of indulgence can have serious effects on your professional life and personal one as well. You may not know it, but the vices you take so lightly can have catastrophic outcomes on everything you hold dear.

This is how vices can affect your professional stature.


Gambling is possibly one of the worst vices out there. The problem with gambling is the fact that it caters to one of the most animalistic human instincts, greed. We all like money, and if you forget yourself and indulge in gambling, you never know where it may land you. Compulsive gamblers have been known to lead very poor professional careers, and their stature declines severely with time. Just imagine if you had to take loans constantly from your job so you could bet, without even being able to pay them back. Or worse, you’re so invested in gambling and all your money is spent there that you can’t even buy a decent suit to attend a meeting with your managers!


You don’t need exactly a doctor to tell you that alcohol is bad for you. Everyone knows it, and people still overly consume it. The thing is alcohol can have the most catastrophic effects on your professional career, and getting a glimpse of alcohol effects on the body would tell you why. It simply interferes with your brain’s communications pathways, affecting how it usually functions and getting in the way of how it looks and works. Alcohol consumers are more likely to develop cancer, as well as heart problems. Then there’s the extremely heavy toll it takes on the liver and the variety of diseases it could lead to. Just imagine the effect all of this would have on your professional stature. An average alcohol addict could very likely drink at work and suffer the consequences. Is it really worth it?

Article on professional stature and vices - image 2Over indulgence

At the end of the day, humans have very basic animalistic needs that need to be satisfied. The problem is not satisfying those needs, it’s overindulging in doing so. Sex addicts have been known to face a lot of problems with their professional stature. Just imagine the kind of reputation you’d have if it got out that you sleep around with pretty much anyone. It definitely wouldn’t make your career much good and your professional stature would be in the gutter.

Moderation is key

As previously mentioned, we all have our basic instincts and desires; the catch is knowing when to slow down and practice self-discipline. Gambling, for instance, is fun and quite the adrenaline rush, but only if done moderately and with restraint. You can’t go around spending your hard earned money and your kids’ college tuition fund on poker and the slots. The more you restrain yourself from these vices, the better your life will be and the safer your professional stature will remain.