5 Ways Video Brochures Can Reduce Marketing Costs

In order to grow and thrive, a business must invest in marketing. Marketing allows your audience to understand who you are, what you do, and why they should choose your company. When it comes to marketing in this technology driven era, video is one of the most powerful tools available.

When investing in a marketing strategy, it’s crucial you spend your money effectively. Although they are not extremely popular (yet), video brochures have proven themselves more successful than any traditional marketing approach. Get ahead of the curve and utilize video brochures for your business.

What is a video brochure?

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Video brochures are a revolutionary marketing tool that have proven successful to businesses of all sizes and across all industries. They combine the elements of a traditional printed brochure with the tech savvy addition of an embedded video screen. Recipients of this brochure can read, listen and watch to learn all about your business.

Video brochures can be mailed to your target audience, given away at events, or even used as a an internal tool for your teams. They can be extremely helpful at any point in your sales cycle. Now is the time to take advantage of all a video brochure has to offer.

Here are the top 5 ways video brochures can reduce marketing costs:

1. Your message is heard clearly, the first time

It has been reported that people retain almost 95% of a video message compared to 10% of what they read in text. Just by opening the video brochure, your audience can see, hear and read your message clearly. There is no guesswork or other steps needed. You effectively maintain your message across your entire audience with each unit.

2. Speeds Up the Sales Cycle

When trying to make your way through the sales cycle, you really need something remarkable. A video brochure is so eye-catching and different, it’s bound to get in front of everyone. Not only will this state-of-the-art piece set you part from your competition, it will get in front of decision makers quicker than any other marketing piece available today.

3. Ultimate sticky marketing piece

As such an innovative marketing strategy that engages multiple senses, a video brochure is bound to wow your audience. Not only will your efforts avoid the trash can like most other marketing materials, it will be kept and shared.

Your one piece of mail will likely make its way to the hands of family, friends, colleagues and associates. The cost effectiveness of this “stickiness” is incomparable. A win-win all around!

4. Increase conversion rates

The goal with any marketing tactic is to increase business. Video brochures yield 50% more conversion rates. Video brochures eliminate the stress and pressure of a cold call and awkwardness an initial meeting may cause. The recipient of your video brochure will be able to open this piece of mail at their leisure.

Without any added stress, they can take the time to enjoy your efforts when they are ready. With the pressure off, this typically leads to a quicker follow up. The sooner you can get your prospects on the phone, the sooner you can close the deal.

5. Quality pieces that can be reused

When you invest in a video brochure, you are getting a high-quality printed brochure that can be used multiple times. While some people choose to send them to their target market to keep, it can also be used internally at your company. Consider it a tool your sales team can use.

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Source: https://printavizion.com/products/video-brochure/.

Your team can use these at meetings, events, networking mixers or even as a follow-up piece. Or maybe consider leaving them in your showroom or waiting room. Your clients can get a jumpstart on learning all about you while they wait. The effectiveness of the brochure itself partnered with its reusability will pay for itself in no time.

At PrintAVizion, we have produced over 500,000 video units to date. Our team has the experience and know-how to create a successful video brochure for your business. Each of our video brochures include superior video components, rechargeable battery, USB port, speakers with adjustable volume, flash memory and video control buttons.

As a pioneer of video brochure technology, we guarantee our work and pride ourselves on providing you with a remarkable experience. Count on our team to create a video brochure masterpiece that you can use for years to come!

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